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Just a heads up that I'm going dark for several weeks. I may still update posts/challenges but there will be no new content, not even Thursdays.

My Mom died and I'm taking each day as it comes, plus helping my Dad go through her stuff.

Jan 16 update: Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, is in the hospital for bypass surgery

Feb 19 update: MIL is home now :-D and slowly getting better. I'm still helping my Dad with Mom's stuff but since my brother is out of town, I'm spending 4 nights at his house every week for a month. It's MUCH closer to Dad's and they do meals together and hang out.

Mar 8 update: I'm having a blast with my Dad. MIL has gone back to the hospital

Mar 29 update: MIL is home but not doing well.

Apr 9 update: SIL is nurse and has taken time off work to care for MIL who is basically receiving hospice care at home.

I'll see you in May . . . April 23 update: My Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, died yesterday.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for

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Z is Zoom and Zootopia
Another Disneyland related post but it's short ;-)

We were able to get a picture taken with Lt. Hopps and Nick Wilde.
They were in California Adventures near the building where the Aladdin show was (and don't get me started on them closing it for a Frozen something or other)

This says Zoom Back Soon! and is on the walkways between parking structures. The walkways go over the exit ramp.

That's all I got. A bunch of miscellaneous and/or personal stuff. I'd love if you came back but I'll be taking most of the summer off. Just a couple of reading challenges, a few reviews and maybe Purrsday - love those cats.

Thanks so much for visiting! - guess I'd better do a wrap-up post too *blush*

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Y is for

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Y is for Yo
I can't believe I missed one! Oh, I have been having trouble with my phone and laptop syncing photos so I'm sure that's the trouble. Anyways, we went to Disneyland Monday and my husband noticed the name of the cast member at the turnstile, I'm so glad she let me take a picture.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for

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X is for X-ray
What else? Sure I'm getting away with an easy X but I had a chest x-ray recently so it's been on my mind.

I am a survivor of a massive pulmonary embolism. The doctors mentioned that there were lots of little clots in both lungs before the big one came through. I spent a week in the hospital (and only got to go home because our adult son was home with me) and six weeks months on blood thinners then pronounced clear. Now that I'm trying to get 2,016 miles in this year I was worried about "lots of little clots in both lungs" so I had a chest x-ray.

I'm clean.

So that's my X post, have a X-mas tree ;-)

Thank you Gizmodo

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for

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W is for Walk of Fame
Maybe this should be Hollywood Walk of Fame but the website doesn't include the Hollywood and I already did an H post.

There is a Walk of Fame Selection Committee, the website has an "upcoming ceremonies" tab but don't list all 29 people getting stars this year. Yes, I said 29. Anyone can go to the ceremony but I think you might want to watch it streaming on the website ;-)

There is also a tab so you can search the walk and find who has a star.

Here's a few stars I thought to take pictures of. . .

You've seen this one - M was for Marilyn Monroe!

I didn't take every star I wanted, it was crowded, I was tired, and I thought I could come back another day. Then we would have had more but Grauman's Chinese Theatre was roped off for an event! We walked right by here but thought we'd do the wax museum first. Dang.

 Then, there's my "star".
You've seen this too - H was for Hollywood
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for

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V is for Virtual Racing
Running because I needed something to talk about besides reading. Virtual running for medals.

Most races I've been to don't hand out finisher medals so when I found out about virtual races I was ecstatic! Then it became so easy to sign up and get a medal that I wasn't always doing the mileage!

The bare bones of my running: I actually walk faster than I run and since I'm diabetic I have to be careful of time and speed. I also love to race! I sometimes race where I show up in person and sometimes I do virtual races where I run, walk, skip, or crawl, where ever and when ever. There is usually a time frame like a certain day week or even month.

I'm Currently signed up for FOUR virtual races. A nerdy race series that is Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter related. Also a year long race to get in 2,016 miles. Yup, all by myself!

This month I'm running in Hollywood! (this was my H post)

And what the full post looked like with a little duplication!

It started off easy enough, I needed to lose weight (still do) and found someone online who would exercise with me. We met weekly and one day she shows up with a flyer for a local 5k race. Yeah! We did 14 (physical) races that year. We never actually ran the whole thing and almost always came in last but boy did we have fun! 

I've learned a lot since then so I think I'll finally be able to lose the weight. I've got to get my medication straightened out before I can get faster. You see, by summer I'll be doing 55+ miles weeks because I discovered virtual racing.  Doing that many miles fast, at this time, messes with my numbers.

Virtual Racing: sign up and pay your race fee. Run as fast as you like, any where you like, covering the distance - even if you do it in smaller chunks. Some races send you a racing bib, some send you a file you can print as a racing bib. Most send you a medal. Yea! I race for Bling! And sometimes charities too.

Current virtual race: Run the Year. Yeah, I've PAID to run 2,016 miles this year all by myself. whew. There's still time to sign up and you can do it with a team of two or three if you don't want to do it by yourself.

I've also signed up for Nerd Herd Running's race series, it is a fund raiser for Stupid Cancer. There will be three races, all with medals. Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter related bling and since I signed up for all three there will be a fourth medal/plaque.

I'm not just racing by myself. I also sign up for races where I have to show up in person ;-) last summer it was a pirate theme race at the beach, this month is Hollywood themed.

Last physical race: Hollywood Half Marathon. I'll be running the 5k along Hollywood Blvd, the starting line is near the Dolby Theatre. I thought it said we could dress up like we're going to a Red Carpet event and bought a fancy dress I could run in (thrift store). What it really said was to dress up like your favorite celebrity! Opps ;-)

Look familiar? I didn't realize I had scheduled an R post and typed one up. *shrug*  Wasn't this better than vacation pictures?

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Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for

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U is for Under Construction
I wanted U to be Unbirthday (Alice in Wonderland) but today is my birthday so I had to go with plan B.

You may have noticed that we're spending a lot of time at Disneyland. Okay, A LOT of time ;-) I remember when there was a parking lot where California Adventures is now. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, there are plans for adding to Disneyland. There isn't a large parking lot for them to change this time so they've gotten creative. Good thing they're so good at it.

The Rivers of America and the rides/attractions on/in it are closed until 2017! This includes the show Fantasmic. The Railroad is also closed as part of the expantion.

For those of you who will be going to Disneyland before 2017, check the old Innovations building's second floor in Tomorrowland. There will be a preview area, I'm just not sure when it's opening. The lower level is currently home to the Star Wars Launch Bay.

This is along the walkway in the parking structure. To the left are parking spots and looking out to the right is Disneyland!

Oh, wait. There use to be buildings there! The Big Thunder Ranch BBQ and Petting Area are gone! So is the stable and riding arena. Somewhere I've got a photo of a horse being ridden in this area but I didn't label it. Ask if you want me to find it.

See the tall trees above? Here's a close up. They're on Tom Sawyer's Island. The buildings were part of the behind the scenes world necessary to keep the magic alive in the park.

 I think this tunnel for for the Railroad but don't quote me on that.

Speaking of Railroads ;-) This is at the New Orleans station on the other side of the track! At the back of the picture is a cutaway of a boiler they replaced. There were train crew around for questions and pictures. You could even blow the whistle! They did ask that you not pull hard, it is LOUD.

I was hoping to get better pictures for you but as I'm at Disneyland today instead of where my computer is, this will have to do!

Have a Magical Day!

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

T is for . . . . could be sad

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

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T is for Time
I really had a hard time (haha) deciding on a post for today.  I had t-shirts and television ideas but nothing was quite right. I even have a picture of the sign for the Twin Pines Mall from Back to the Future! (It was filmed at my local mall). It wasn't until this afternoon that the idea hit me. Then my in-laws invited us to dinner and, well, time passed ;-)

Time can be measured on a clock, stopwatch, or calendar. Time can be measured in the growth of a tree. Or a canyon.

Time passes and that's what I want to tell you about.

I went to a funeral for a cousin. While that's sad, it isn't the saddest part. The funeral was nice but also more informal than some of the others I've been to. After the "official" part was over, the floor was opened to anyone who wanted to speak. Beautiful words were spoken, funny stories were told and I learned that my cousin was more than I thought she was. The speaker I remember most was a girl, my cousin's age or thereabouts.

She and my cousin met in college and she told college-type stories then she said that she had gotten a job in another city. My cousin was happy for her and they vowed to stay in touch.

But time passed.

The towns were not that far apart but between dating, job assignments, vacations, and other obligations, they got together less and less.  The girl had been in town six months before the funeral but was under a time crunch and didn't even call my cousin. After all, she could always call later. There would always be another trip to town.

There was one more trip to town.

For the funeral.

Time passes for us all.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for . . . picture heavy

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

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S is for Signs & Sayings
Signs are used for all kinds of things some are informative and some are funny. I've gathered a few signs . . .

I'm sure someone photoshopped the sign but it's still funny

found at my library.
Too True!
 We pass this sign (actually says Ganahl Lumber) on our way to Disneyland and when I finally decide I HAVE to stop and take a picture . . .
It seems to change every week and every week I forget to get a picture. The last one I remember was
Why can't all our problems happen when we're 17 and know everything

. . . . I also gathered a few sayings
I'm trying to make this the year of health and fitness (not going so well so far) and have gathered some saying to help motivate me

This one is something I call truth from fiction. Selorin and Orinakin are brothers and they live in a world where there are multiple Gods. This is the end of a conversation.
You may not want to "trust the gods" of this story, but trust your God.

I read a story online about a woman shaming another about buying formula because "breast is best" then saw this and it just screamed at me. I don't want you to judge my choices so I better not be judging yours!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

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R is for Read, Review, Repeat
This is a book blog, so of course you would expect to see read. You did, right? I don't do the review part often enough but I do have a stack of books that others have sent me for the sole purpose of reading them and then telling you what I thought of them. Cool, huh?

The last book I was sent: Pumpkinflower (my post) is part military history, part memoir and I'm looking forward to reading it . . . after I read a bunch of other books in my "review this" pile. I do try to get an about type post up when the book shows up.

I do keep track of what I read and how much I read, not in terms of hours (too many) but page count and number of books. I sign up for reading challenges and read-a-thons. I'm currently trying to read a scary-to-me book for Spring into Horror. Except, I'm hooked on an online serial that is cutting into my "this counts" reading time.

Reading Challenges usually have a time frame and there are requirements. Like, reading a set number of cozy mysteries that are craft related over the year. Some aren't as specific ;-) or are only for the season.

Read-a-Thons are usually only a week long and most are of the read-as-much-as-you-can variety and happen year after year.

Don't ask my favorite book or author, I have several of each, same with genres.

Before I started blogging I thought I read a little of everything. I've since found sub-genres that I don't like to read. *gasp* I know, I was shocked too. Writer'sDigest has a great list of genre's along with their sub-genres and definitions. (click here). While I'm willing to put mystery and crime together, I wish that science fiction and fantasy were not. sigh, I'm just glad horror is all by itself so I can just avoid most of that that section. I will read a little bit of each of the main genres, quiet horror may be okay but certainly not creepy kids. Same with paranormal romance but maybe not glitzy/glamor romance.

These are the main genres they have listed:
science fiction/fantasy

I will read a little bit of each of the main genres, quiet horror may be okay but certainly not creepy kids. Same with paranormal romance but maybe not glitzy/glamor romance. I love some historical romance but it more of an author who happens to write historical romance.

Reading almost rules my life. I like to call it a socially acceptable addiction. It cuts into my family time, housekeeping, and social life. To make matters worse, I like to re-read my books! I can't even get rid of the ones I've read or I end up buying them again.

Now, I did say almost. I am getting back control and I took up running for more than just exercise. I wanted to be about to talk about something besides running (which will show up again as V) ;-) It's also another reason to be very grateful we had annual passes to Disneyland. It is hard to keep your nose in a book when you're there.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for

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Q is for Quote

Some of us quote movies in our everyday life hoping that others will recognize the quote, or just because. For example, I do not have a mid-morning snack, I have a second breakfast which is from Lord of the Rings. I searched for a quote about celebrating life to add to a funeral program I was doing. I'm currently looking for motivational quotes

Here a several places to search for quotes: BrainyQuote, The Quote Garden, PlusQuotes, Pinterest.

There are quotes and there are sayings. I have found the difference to be an author
here is a saying
Someone said the second one but there is no author being given credit. More sayings will be my "S" post ;-)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

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P is for Pictures
I guess it could be for Pooh but that's more a W. Plus I have more than just picture of Pooh.

I don't always stand in line to get my picture taken with the characters at Disneyland, they're usually too long! Today, we got there after our friends did and while we were waiting for them to get off a ride, I noticed the Eeyore was posing for pictures. Wait, not just Eeyore! Tigger and Pooh were there too! I love these guys so I got in line. 

Tigger was first but while we were waiting in line all the characters had to leave for a few minutes to check Eeyore's house because it fell down. Tigger and Pooh came back but Eeyore didn't. I'm glad I took a couple of him just standing there!

The Mickey picture has kids in them, same with Jasmine and Aladdin but I found Lt Hopps and Nick Wilde.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

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O is for Oz

As in Race to Oz because trying to talk about Oz and Dorothy would take more room then I have! This is a virtual marathon, 26.2 miles that don't have to be done all at once. There is still time to join in, registration is open and there is currently no closing date.

"Earn Google street views of your location on the route as workouts (Run/Walk/Cycle) are entered and learn some trivia along the way.

BEWARE:  Watch Out for tornadoes and falling houses!"

Everyone receives a glittery medal!

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In accordance to the FTC guidelines, I must state that I make no monetary gains from my reviews or endorsements here on Book Dragon's Lair. All books I review are either borrowed, purchased by me, given as a gift, won in some kind of contest, or received in exchange for an honest review.