Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2019RC You Read How Many Books?

You Read How
Many Books?

hosted by me, here at The Lair

Guidelines are pretty simple. You'll have all year to read your books so go ahead and stretch yourself.

1. Choose a Level

  • Board Books: 12 (basically one a month)
  • Picture Books: 24
  • Chapter Books: 52 (basically one a week)
  • Middle Grade: 78
  • Teen: 104 
  • Young Adult: 156
  • Adult: 208 or more (basically four or more a week)
2. You may move up a level but not down.
3. You don’t need a blog to participate. Feel free to link to a Goodreads shelf or another public profile where everyone can see your books.
4. Reviews are not necessary but a list of books read is. There will be a link up for reviews if you wish to post them. Edit: a list of books read ;-) You can make a list of books you want to read and change them if you'd like.
5. All formats allowed as long as the book has an isbn or equivalent and can be purchased/borrowed, the book counts.
6. Individual short stories in a collection and individual books of the Bible do not count.
7. Crossovers from other challenges count.
8. Books started before January 1st, 2019 don’t count.

Sign up below with the link to where you will be keeping up with your books (not your homepage) please!

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  1. Glad you're back with us, Gina! Thanks for hosting again.

  2. Will be back when the post goes live later today to link up. :)

  3. thanks for creating this challenge - I am looking forward to connecting with everyone! Blessings!

  4. My chosen level is Teen, but I'm actually shooting for Young Adult......I've been slack, but now I'm back!

  5. Signed up! Trying the Adult level - even if I don't make it, any reading is better than none.

  6. Thank you for this challenge! I'm going to choose the Chapter Books level because I read to my children a lot to help with their comprehension and spark conversation. I also have challenged myself to go back and read or reread the books I wanted to read in my childhood or the ones that I loved and stuck with me. There are some that I remember teachers introducing and I enjoyed, but I can't remember much of the story. I'm also trying out a few new genres along the way as I read books my daughter wants to try but I need to check first to see if the content is something she might understand.

  7. I've finished my 104 books--still reading!


Thank you!

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