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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interview with Carrie of Books and Movies

Interview Swap

Carrie of Books and Movies is a wonder! Her blog started out all about books and movies but has branched out to include family and school. Carrie is a homeschooling mother of four, ages 9, 11 12 & 14. Her blog says "I love to buy books, borrow books, shelve books, list books, smell books, hold books, catalog books, talk about books, trade books, and – of course – read books!" I was able to ask five questions, and of course, I thought of better ones after I sent the email.

Question 1: If you see the movie first, will you read/listen to the book?
I used to be a stickler for reading the book first before I saw a movie, but have found that I actually like doing it the other way around - I'm less disappointed. For instance, I read Eragon aloud to my son, Noah, and then we rented the movie. We HATED it - they changed so much, gave hardly any story time to one of our favorite characters, and completely destroyed the ending. With Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, we saw the movie first and liked it. Then I read the book aloud to my boys and we all agreed the book was better, but it didn't ruin our enjoyment of the movie. So, that was a long answer to a short question, wasn't it? So my answer is, yes, I will still pick up the book after seeing movie. :)

Question 2: What are your top ten favorite authors? {side note: I hate this question so I don't know why I asked it but I love her answer and plan to borrow it later ;) }
Okay, I have to be honest and tell you that questions like this make me break out in a sweat! :) Only ten? As soon as I start thinking of names, I start worrying that I will miss someone. So instead of over-analyzing this question and poring over my review database, I'm simply going to give you the top ten that come to mind right now. They would be different if I answered tomorrow. Or even five minutes from now.

Jane Austen, Connie Willis, Leon Uris, Lisa Samson, John Shors, Nick Hornby, Laurie R. King, Anna Quindlen, Wendell Berry, Billy Collins

Question 3: If you were to become a book (Fahrenheit 451), which would you choose?
I've thought about this question before after seeing it on various blogs - and reading Fahrenheit 451, of course - and I think I would choose Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset. It's a little-known classic that deserves to be read, and I think all of the other "major" classics would already be taken.

Question 4: You have quite an impressive list of book bloggers. Can you tell us which ones you HAVE to visit?
Another question to induce a panic attack! Again, I'm going to answer with the first ones that pop into my head, so assume that my answer would be different on another day.

You've Gotta Read This - Sandy shares my love of audiobooks and Viggo Mortensen.

The Written World - Kelly and I have done some buddy reads that produced great discussions, and we have an online friendship that goes beyond books.

My Friend Amy - I love Amy's heart.

1330v - Vasilly reminds me that I'm never too old for picture books - and she challenges me to read outside my comfort zone.

Musings of a Bookish Kitty - Wendy writes terrific reviews, but she also writes long, chatty posts that I love reading.

Mental Multivitamin - Melissa makes me think - and helps me stay passionate about the joys and benefits of home education.

GalleySmith - Michelle feeds my love of YA lit.

Caribousmom - Wendy often reviews books that are outside of my normal sphere, and I am never disappointed when I read a book she recommends.

Unfinished Person - Bryan makes me laugh, and shares my love of television as well as books.

Question 5. You read like I do, we both ignore the house but I don't have four kids, let alone homeschooling. What's your secret? Besides not playing the games on Facebook.
I don't really have a secret, other than taking every single opportunity I can to snatch a few minutes for reading. I also am fortunate enough to be a fast reader - and I almost double my reading time using audiobooks. And, yes, I do often ignore the housework! :)

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bermudaonion said...

Here lately, I've discovered that I enjoy the movie more if I see it first too, unless there's a big time span between reading the book and seeing the movie.

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

I have always said that Eragon is THE WORST movie based upon a book ever filmed. I walked away crying because I missed my beloved characters(including Saphira) so much. Character development was non-existant in the movie!

♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

Anonymous said...

I think you thought of great questions! :) It was fun both interviewing you and being interviewed BY you. Have a fantastic BBAW.


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