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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Spotlight on . . . The Familiars

The Familiars
Magic isn't just for Wizards anymore!

by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
Publisher: Harper an imprint of HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780061961106
Pages 384
Ages: 8 - 12
website The Familiars

Description: When Aldwyn, a young alley cat on the run, ducks into a mysterious pet shop, he doesn’t expect his life to change. But that’s exactly what happens when Jack, a young wizard, picks Aldwyn to be his magical familiar.

Finally off the tough streets, Aldwyn thinks he’s got it made. He just has to convince the other familiars—the know-it-all blue jay Skylar and the friendly tree frog Gilbert—that he’s the telekinetic cat he claims to be. But when Jack and two other wizards in training are captured by a terrible evil, it will take all of Aldwyn’s street smarts, a few good friends, and a nose for adventure to save the day!

link at publisher, amazon, Barnes and Noble

Book 2: Secrets of the Crown
Book 3: Circle of Heroes

Adam Jay Epstein spent his childhood in Great Neck, New York, while Andrew Jacobson grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the two met in Los Angeles. They have been writing together for film and television ever since.

One day, Adam asked Andrew, "Are you familiar with what a familiar is?" And from that simple question, Vastia was born, a fantastical world filled with the authors' shared love of animals and magic. This is the third book in The Familiars series.
Adam Jay Epstein lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jane, and their daughters, Penny and Olive. Andrew Jacobson, his wife, Ashley, their son, Ryder, and their dog, Elvis, live close by.

The Familiars will be produced for film by Sam Raimi and Sony Animation.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mt TBR Checkpoint

Mount TBR Challenge

~Challenge Completed~
May 22

It's hard to believe that we're at the end of the second quarter and it's time for Mountaineering Checkpoint #2. I'm calling for the second quarterly check-in post. [Imagine me in Alpine mountain gear with one of those long horns tootling away.] Let's see how our challengers are doing after 6 months are under the ol' mountain-climbing belt. Made it a couple of miles? Camping out in a cave 1/3 of the way up the mountain face? Taking refuge in a mountain hut along the way? Let us know how you're doing. Checkpoint participation is absolutely voluntary and is not considered necessary for challenge completion.

For those who would like to participate in this checkpoint post, I'd like you to do two things:
1. Tell us how many miles you've made it up your mountain (# of books read). If you're really ambitious, you can do some intricate math and figure out how the number of books you've read correlates to actual miles up Pike's Peak, Mt. Ararat, etc.
2. Complete ONE (or more if you like) of the following:
A. Using any number of titles from your conquered list, compose a poem. You may add extra words, if needed, up to the number of titles used. (I thought this was really cool when another blogger used it as a mini-challenge for a read-a-thon that I participated in.)
B. Who has been your favorite character so far? Why?
C. Have any of the books you read surprised you--if so, in what way (not as good as anticipated? unexpected ending? Best thing you've read all year? Etc.)

And what do you get for all that hard work (and distraction from the actual climb)? The link will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 30. On Sunday night (or possibly Monday) I will crank up the Custom Random Number Generator and pick a winning climber. He or she will have the chance to add to their TBR stack via my gently-used book vault (prize list will be sent). Just think, if you win a book you can start up a pile for next year's Mount TBR Challenge.

Even if you're not in the mood for a prize or if you've only got one leg of the journey under your belt, I'd love to have you check in and tell us how your climb is going!

This is the end of second quarter check-in. I wasn't paying attention and missed the first one.

1. Miles you've made it up your mountain... 25+ (out of 25). I didn't go on to 26 etc but should have, used the 26 + as The Unread Book challenge and it includes 2012 books.

2C. I enjoyed Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank so much, I've read the next three in the series.
The Gardner Heist by Ulrich Boser was the only non-fiction on my list and I wish I'd read it sooner.
Zero Day by David Baldacci was one of those "OMG could this really happen" books.
Tombs of Endearment by Casey Daniels was way better then expected.

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Happy Monday

isn't this taking things to far? Olympic committee crushes knitters

Hope everyone has a great week planned.

Mailbox Monday is a place to share all the wonderful books that have come to live in your home; print, electronic and audio. Started by Marcia of The Printed Page, the mailbox is currently on tour. Check it out so you know where to go next month.

A big thank you to Alternative Read for hosting in June. July's host is ... (blog link, not post link).

Received for Review:


from Author:

Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz (hardcover for $1.94!)
The Writer's Home Companion edited by Joan Bolker, Ed.D

Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods
Dream Horse by Barbara Morgenroth
Magical Housekeeping by  Tess Whitehurst
...went shopping through the free section, added a bunch then clicked Pin It
(not finished pinning all of them)

What are you Reading?

A weekly Monday meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey. Post what you read last week and what you're planning to read this week then link to Shelia's post. Then visit, visit,visit! She has a comment contest going on each week tied to the meme.

A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods
Taking You Home by Cooper Davis
Running Wild by Joely Skye
Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson
The Strongest Shape by Tessa Gardenas
huh, non of these are from my "Reading" list

Adam Orser: the Chronicles of Evolution by Daniel Armand
Code Blood by Kurt Kamm
Noah by Jacquelyn Frank
Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear 
Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack
Shelf Discovery by Lizzie Skurnick
Cut, Crop & Die by Joanna Campbell Slan
The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn

Next up:
Circle of Seven by Bryan Davis


Did Not Finish, may try again later:

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Guest Post: Healthy Self-Esteem or Budding Narcissist?

Brought to you from the authors of. . .
Title: Change Your Life Not Your Wife
Marriage Saving Advice for Success Driven People
Author: Tony Ferretti, PH.D
Author: Peter J. Weiss, M.D.

available in print as well as formatted for the Kindle and the Nook.

Healthy Self-Esteem or Budding Narcissist?

By Tony Ferretti, Ph.D.

With so much talk of helping our children to develop high self-esteem, it's easy to forget that not all self-esteem is healthy. Of course, we parents want our children to feel loved, confident, and valuable. Yet despite our good intentions, it's possible for us to actually introduce an unhealthy self-absorption in our kids. In today's society narcissism is on the rise. People crave attention. They want to be seen and admired, and some seem to feel that every detail of their lives is interesting and should be shared on Facebook. When does it become an unhealthy narcissism?

Narcissists are people who are overly self-absorbed. You might call them vain. They tend to care little for others and have a major sense of entitlement. In plain language - they're selfish. Naturally, they struggle in relationships. Who appreciates friends that are vain and selfish? Unfortunately many lack self-awareness and don't even know they have an issue. It's not a good place to be. So how do we help our children to have a healthy self-esteem while avoiding self-absorption?

Like so many other emotional issues, narcissism may develop partly from heredity (genetics) and partly from childhood experiences (environment). As parents, we can help by providing a loving home where children are valued but not put on a pedestal. They should know they are loved individually, and as part of the family unit, but that they aren't any more important than anyone else. We should meet our kids’ needs but not always at the expense of our own needs or the needs of their brothers and sisters.

Another way to develop healthy self-esteem is by encouraging volunteerism. Serving others through volunteer work takes the focus off one's self. It helps children develop empathy for others and an appreciation for the blessings in their own lives. Family volunteering together is even better! So find a cause that you all can be excited about.

Lastly, help your children learn to identify and express emotions appropriately. Many self-absorbed individuals hide their insecurities through arrogance. By building your child's emotional intelligence you can help her to avoid the need to build an inappropriately large ego instead.

For example, if your son comes home from baseball practice in an angry mood, help him identify what emotion he is feeling and why. Is he angry because he struck out so many times? Or is it really embarrassment or frustration that he's feeling? What can he do to release these normal emotions in a healthy way?

Just these three suggestions can go a long way to giving your children a healthy emotional life as adults - one of the most profound gifts you can give. Yes, narcissistic individuals can change. I work with many each week in my clinical practice, helping them to grow emotionally, repair marriages and connect with others. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Love your kids, but don't put them on a pedestal.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thoughts on...Adam Orser: The Chronicles of Evolution by Daniel Armand

sorry, a handbasket dropped a headache my way......will update as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy of this book without any obligation to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of Tribute Books.

Adam Orser
The Chronicles of Evolution
by Daniel Armand

publisher: Two Harbors Press
ISBN: 9781937928100
release date: April 2, 2012
format: Trade paperback
genre: Fantasy
age range...
312 pages

Product Description:
Adam Orser seems to be a regular guy, leading a fairly successful life in Toronto as a psychologist with a loving girlfriend, Jazmin.

But there is nothing ordinary about Adam.

Fate interrupts his planned marriage proposal, and a serious car accident thrusts him into a metaphysical reality behind a deep coma that holds his physical body in check. Through an advanced system of training and evolution created by the celestial realm, Adam is called to a dangerous mission with profound implications for the world he knows, and life and death consequences for one missing nine-year old girl, who is no ordinary kidnapped child. Fantastical forces are at work on both sides of the veil between the world we recognize and those yet to be discovered.

Destiny compels Adam to freely choose the part he will play in a no-limits competition between good and evil. Questions of existence, causality, and truth converge as Adam struggles to find his way back to Jazmin and a life that will never be the same.

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Wicked Wildfire Read-a-Thon Starts NOW!

Ready. . .Set. . .GO!

Wicked Wildfire
June 20 to June 24

hosted at Kindle Fever
More info here

Woo Hoo! Another RaT I guess I'm a glutton for punishment! I was going to go off-line for a while but as I'm not going to stop reading...why not?
How it Works?
The Wicked Wildfire Read-A-Thon is a time when we all get together to dedicate the days of June 20-24 to as much reading as possible. You read as much as you can in order to get yourself a little further through that huge to-read pile! We know real life gets in the way and even if you can’t participate more than one day, you’re welcome to join in on the fun!

In the meanwhile, we will be hosting book-related challenges where you can win some awesome prizes and have a Twitter party at the hashtag #WWReadathon! You can posts updates on your blog, Twitter, Goodreads or Facebook — as long as the profile is public and we all can enjoy your reading progress!

I don't have a plan except to finish & review Adam Orser.

Maybe check my challenges to see if any are only a couple books from being complete.

I have several new ebooks including Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods.

I have about eight books that I've started and haven't finished, maybe I can get some of them finished.


~Books Read~

Taking You Home by Cooper Davis
Stealing Home by Sherryl Woods
A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
Running Wild by Joely Skye
Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson
The Strongest Shape by Tessa Gardenas

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spotlight: Change Your Life Not Your Wife

Funny title? Sure but while I haven't read the book, I agreed to do a spotlight because I thought the message was important.
Divorce is everywhere. Especially among high-achieving and success-driven professionals-sometimes even those in long-term marriages. Unfortunately, this divorce pattern often repeats itself resulting in more broken relationships. Targeted toward top executives, doctors, lawyers, and spouses, Change Your Life Not Your Wife demystifies this seeming discord - highly successful individuals failing at home and making life-damaging choices. Drs. Ferretti and Weiss offer hope through insight and easy-to-understand exercises to improve these most important relationships.
I feel that any book that could help lower the divorce rate has to have some value to our society as a whole. Look for a guest post later this week.

Title: Change Your Life Not Your Wife
Marriage Saving Advice for Success Driven People
Author: Tony Ferretti, PH.D
Author: Peter J. Weiss, M.D.

Publisher: Heathrow Books
Release Date: May 2012
ISBN: 978-0985043407
Pages: 192

Drs. Ferretti and Weiss explain how the same character traits that propel us to succeed in our careers can bring our family life crashing down. Using true-to-life examples that we all can recognize, they clearly outline the perils posed by being achievement or power oriented in your intimate relationships.

Eschewing the blame game, the authors stress that usually both partners have had a role in arriving at a marital crossroads. It's not just one person's fault. Their good news is that relationships can get better. Marriages do heal. When couples are willing to work through their issues, dramatic improvement and healing are possible.

In this book you will:
Discover the common personality traits behind the succeed at work/fail at home syndrome,

Understand how your current behavior in relationships has been shaped by your childhood experiences,

Assess the priorities in your life and the importance of shifting your focus from possessions to people,

Find simple assessments, and exercises to help you evaluate your marriage,

Learn through a step-by-step process how to heal, nurture, and grow your marriage with proven and effective tools,

See how counseling works to help couples heal relationships, or to heal separately when relationships do fail.

Dr. Tony Ferretti is a licensed psychologist specializing in helping clients to recognize the addictive nature of power, control, and success. In his new book, Change Your Life, Not Your Wife: Marriage Saving Advice For Success-Driven People, Dr. Ferretti brings insights from his unique clinical experience to the general public. A gifted communicator, Dr. Ferretti has been a guest on Dr. Phil and numerous talk radio shows nationwide. He's also hosted his own show, Talk to Tony, a popular weekly call-in radio series on psychological topics.

His co-author, Dr. Peter Weiss, is physician and healthcare executive with a passion for helping others to health and wellness. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Weiss currently serves as an executive for the Adventist Health System in Orlando, Florida.

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Authors A to Z: P

Authors from A to Z
June Blogging Event

hosted by Proud Book Nerd

More info here, sign-up here.

A month-long posting challenge that showcases authors and their works. We start on June 1 and post daily (except Sundays), with each day having a letter of the alphabet. The point of this:
  • To show our appreciation to awesome authors.
  • To share awesome authors with our readers.
  • To challenge ourselves to post daily, outside memes and reviews.
Some of the P authors in my LibraryThing catalog. . . Donita K. Paul, Bill Peet, Michael Perronne, Carly Phillips, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jodi Picoult, Tamora Pierce, Joan Elliot Pickart

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday

I fell behind with my Authors A to Z, hope to get caught up.

Read to much on-line and not enough published for The Book Monsters RaT.

The cold seems to be gone but the cough lingers, mostly at night.

Spent Friday at Book Journey's anniversary party. I loved reading how everyone traveled to the party. (see post)

Took dinner to my parents Saturday, will take in-laws to dinner this Saturday.

Oh, I made bread! First try with this recipe and it came out great. I took pictures but forgot to post them Saturday. I added more sugar the second go around and it was a total flop. Third time was perfect.

I should be donating blood on Tuesday...need to eat a good dinner Monday.

I have a blog tour coming up on Wednesday then I'm going to take a break until High Summer RaT, at least.

Hope everyone has a great week planned.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Pick-Your-Thon: Wrap-up

Summer Pick-Your-Thon

Pick-Your-Thon is hosted at The Book Monsters

 Waaaaa! ;-)

This week was really weird for me. I've been reading an on-line serial instead of something with an ISBN. I've got a stack of books that have been started but none of them sounded good. Checked my shelf, looked at the three books I bought this year, nothing sounded good. So, back to the on-line serial stories.

I was able to do several of the challenges, they were lots of fun, but as for reading...

I finished Consent to Kill on Monday and since then, less than 50 pages and nothing finished else finished.


At least I was able to do the challenges!

Ready for the next one and hoping my book slump gets revitalized soon.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

High Summer Read-a-Thon

High Summer Read-a-Thon!
Monday, July 16
Sunday, July 22

Michelle at The True Book Addict brings us the High Summer read-a-thon. There is a dedicated blog for her RaTs and lots of information on the "get ready" post but basically she wants us to spend the whole week reading as much as we can. No official challenges. No Children's books, YA okay. Novella length or longer.

I'm going off-line for the month of July. It doesn't mean I won't be reading, just not blogging (and hopefully no FB). Because of that, the "no challenges" thing is perfect. I'll have a starting page and will update it through the week, may tweet some and then a wrap-up. Visits will have to be done in August unless I can get most of my to-do list completed ahead of time.

Hope you can join us!

twitter: #HSreadathon
me: @bookdragonslair

Monday: My Starting Line post

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini-Challenge: What's your schedule like?

Summer Pick-Your-Thon
Mini-Challenge Day 5

Pick-Your-Thon is hosted at The Book Monsters

Challenge is hosted at The Awesome Is Silent

 What do you do to organize your blog? 

I started off doing really well. I used a notebook with a page a review book. I kept track of things like when they asked, when I received the book, ebook or print and a bunch of others.

I also had a calendar where I wrote the date I planned to post the review.

That didn't work to well so I went all electronic, using blank folders. The main folder would be the title. Inside would be author, cover graphic and other stuff. Each one its own folder.

Now....My print books are double stacked on a couple of shelves. Why yes, I do loose track of what's in the back. My ebooks have all the info in one folder name REV title. I read what sounds good and post a review right away or it takes months and a re-read.

None of these worked by themselves but I might be able to combine and conquer. I need a dedicated spot first. I better spread out the print books, print out a list of the ebooks and keep notes on the same shelf as the print books.

I'll be reading how everyone else does it.

I want to review on my blog. Email the requester when it will go live and then add a review to GoodReads, LibraryThing, Amazon, Book Depository, Powells, etc. . . . I've got a whole list of places.

What is your schedule?


Sunday may be a Lair Report or Sunday Salon

Monday is always Mailbox and What are you reading

Tuesday is usually 1st Paragraph and Teaser

Wednesdays may have reviews

Thursday is Purrs-day/Cat Thursday plus maybe Third Sentence and Thursday 3

Friday? maybe Friday 56

Saturday is Snapshots and Quotes, maybe Food related

Monday's memes get posted. Some weeks that is all that gets posted.

I try to keep it all about books but that may be changing. Am thinking about taking July off and re-vamping.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini-Challenge: Make a Poem

Summer Pick-Your-Thon
Min-Challenge #3
make a poem

Pick-Your-Thon is hosted at The Book Monsters

Mini-Challenge is hosted at Words I Write Crazy

Wait, what? I suck at poetry but now I have to use my titles to come up with something semi-poetry like? At least "for each book you have, you get a spare word so the poem makes a bit more sense. And to make it easier, for both sides, you can change the tense, like make a "fiery" into a "fire" or a "fall" into a "fell" if it makes the poem sound better".

I'll give it go but don't say you weren't warned. . .

Adam Orser: the Chronicles of Evolution by Daniel Armand
Code Blood by Kurt Kamm
Noah by Jacquelyn Frank
Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear 
Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack
Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn
Shelf Discovery by Lizzie Skurnick
Cut, Crop & Die by Joanna Campbell Slan
The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Circles of Seven by Bryan Davis

Bro-Magnet was Seduced by the Wolf
Noah must Protect and Defend
Circles of Seven baked a Lemon Tart
Here Lies the Librarian
Code Blood causes Divergence
Cut, Crop and Die Adam Orser
Shelf Discovery

That's as good as it's gonna get. There is another option if you're picked Review-Thon.

Good luck everyone!

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

What happens to your favorite stories when authors die

I've been reading an on-line serial, again. Several of the stories by this author are complete as they are but could use a sequel. Several of the stories will forever be unfinished.

That got me to thinking...What happens to your favorite stories when the author dies?

I started the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Luckily he had notes of the rest of the series and another author has been able to finish the series. Can you imagine reading ten-600+ page books and having the story end before it is supposed to?

Robert Ludlum's Bourne series is able continue thanks to other authors.

I started reading The Cat Who. . . series by Lilian Jackson Braun 30 years ago. That should have prepared me but no, just because she's been published almost as long as I've been alive, I still expected her to be writing another 30 years.

Good-bye to Anne McCaffrey. Ray Bradbury. Dick Francis. Maurice Sendak. Marguerite Henry.

Good news! Anne and Dick have children that are willing, and very capable, of filling their shoes.

My favorite Western, Death Rides a Chestnut Mare is by Ralph Compton. The rest of the series is by Ralph W. Cotton.

Do you have a favorite author who has died? What happened to their stories?

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Thoughts on...Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

I'm not sure I can accurately review this title. You see, my high school graduation was 29 years ago and this is a book (not just the title-the book) I read while in high school. The whole series is comfort reading for me and I re-read them last year as well as this year.

The best I can do is tell you more about the book then amazon does ;)

"There's nothing for you to fear from Harpers" said T'gellan, rider of Bronze Dragon Monarth to Menolly, Petiron's lost apprentice.

Wait. maybe that's not the best introduction ;) Pern is a earth colony that has had all contact severed. The space travel is unheard off and the planet has gone back to a class system.

People live in cities called Holds with a main person in charge, the Holder. Several Holds look to a Lord Holder. There are apprentices, journeyman and Masters of crafts, such as ship building, mining and teaching. Masters are over city-like places called Halls, with one Master leading the others.

Most teaching is done by a Harper and is musically taught. Harpers are men.

That is way too simple. It doesn't say anything about Thread, a dangerous eating-everything-but-solid-rock organism that falls from the sky on a recognisable rotation. Nor about Dragons, yes, flying, fire-breathing dragons that flame the thread from the sky at great risk to themselves and their riders.

Menolly grew up in an island sea hold. Fishing was their main livelihood but Menolly was a square peg trying to fit into the round hole of her world. She is tall for a girl, too musically sensitive for a girl, and the last one able to teach when the Harper dies. This shouldn't be the problem that it is but the Sea Holder, for lack of a better term, has a stick up his butt about women harpering. Is embarrassed to have a young girl lead the teaching and beats her when she writes her own songs.

After injuring her hand gutting fish, told not to sing with the others, she runs away and impresses nine Fire Lizards (pet-sized dragons).

Menolly ends up at a Weyr (where the dragons live) where she is discovered by the Masterharper and whisked to the Harper hall.

Book two, this book, starts with her landing at Harper Hall.

The book spends a week with Menolly fighting envy, backstabbing, fist fights, the same attitude of her father, all to find her place in the hall. True friends are introduced and....

maybe amazon got it right, "Pursuing her dream to be a Harper of Pern, Menolly studies under the Masterharper learning that more is required than a facility with music and a clever way with words."

One of the nice things about the trilogy is that it follows along with the rest of Pern, we are not isolated at the Hall but events around the world impact the story. As well as the story impacting the rest of the world and at the end of the week, she and her Fire Lizards have settled in.

This is not a good place to start reading the series from try Dragonsong, or better yet, Dragonflight.

Disclaimer: This title is from my personal library. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of amazon

Pern's Harper Hall trilogy
by Anne McCaffreyr

publisher: Spectra/Bantam
format: Mass Market paperback
genre: fantasy
age range 12+
256 pages

Product Description:
Pursuing her dream to be a Harper of Pern, Menolly studies under the Masterharper learning that more is required than a facility with music and a clever way with words.

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2011

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mini-Challenge: Cleaning up your shelves

Summer Pick-Your-Thon 
Day Two
today is about . . .
cleaning up your shelves

This is so not going to happen. The three shelves in the living room aren't bad but I've got books on my stairs and two bookcases in the computer room but a gazillion boxes in the garage and a storage unit. I've started but...


That's not even a recent picture! I've added at least seven boxes to the unit and it doesn't look like I took any out of the house!

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Book Monsters Pick-Your-Thon: Starting Line

Summer Pick-Your-Thon
June 11 to June 16

hosted at The Book Monsters, Starting Line

Welcome bloggers and readers to the Summer Pick-Your-Thon! Both Kate and I are excited to get our reading and blogging on with you this coming week!

So, we're doing some fun things this time around, including a scavenger hunt with all the mini-challenges that will be hosted this week. Each post on our blog or by our mini-challenge hosts will have a letter for you to find at the end. Follow along and find what the letters mean (they won't be in order) and you can have a chance to win a book of choice from The Book Depository! Up to $15.

Make sure to follow along so you can win.

We'll have some other prizes throughout the week as well that you can win just by commenting or linking up to the various mini-challenges.

So to start off, create a post or comment below to answer the following questions.
1. Which thon are you choosing? Readathon, Reviewathon or both? And why?
2. Where are you from? You can be vague or specific, up to you.
3. Say a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you if we don't already!
4. What are you currently reading or about to pick up to read?
5. What are your goals for this Pick Your Thon?

1. I should go for the review-a-thon but I'm going to concentrate on reading with a couple of reviews thrown in.

2. USA. ;-) I live in California in the Los Angeles County area. Which is still pretty vague as LA county is HUGE.

3. SAHM of adult children. Love to read, craft, visit with friends. Learning to love the gym and have a love/hate relationship with my washer and dryer. One husband, two children and two cats. Dang, we need three cats or one of something else ;-)

4. Finished Consent to Kill today (and reviewed) and moved on to Protect and Defend. Both by Vince Flynn with Mitch Rapp as the lead main character.

5. I have a blog tour coming up so I'd like to finish Adam Orser by Daniel Armand and prepare the review. Also Circles of Seven by Bryan Davis and anything in my currently reading section of my Monday post and finish Protect and Defend. I'm also participating in Authors A to Z so I need to keep up with that. um, missed today :(

Day 1: E, (this post)

Day 2: S, post

Day 3: M, post

Day 4: U, no post - cover contest

Day 5: MPost

Day 6: R, Over? NOoooooo! Wrap-up post?

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Thoughts on...Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn

I wasn't going to review this book. It was just going to be a pleasant read but there are so many great characters I had to.

Mitch Rapp. The kind of man that countries don't want to meet in a dark alley. The kind of man who you won't know is there until it's too late, if then. The kind of man who doesn't miss. The kind of man you'd be insane to kill. Want? Oh yes, but try? No way.

The prelude tells us that and explains why. Chapter two starts with ..."I want a man killed." Want to guess who? Yup. Apparently, while doing his job with the CIA, Mitch killed a man. Now the man's dad wants him killed and has the money to do it.

Anna Rapp. Beautiful and successful journalist attached to the White House. Mitch's wife. Anna is so nice I'd like to be friends with her or at the very least a neighbor/co-worker.

Mark Ross. The new Director of National Intelligence. Former Senator. The kind of guy you think of when someone says "politician" in a swearing manner. A man too involved in his own importance and plans that he disregards intel (!) and advise from those who have been in the business longer.

That's just three. Mitch's direct boss, Irene Kennedy (Director of the CIA) is fabulous so are several of Mitch's friends/co-workers.

Then there are the, ahem, oily Saudis. Really. Mr. Flynn takes the stereotyped attitudes from Saudi Arabia and expands on them. Add in some 9-11 feelings and you've got some great characters.

Throw in several Congressmen out to extend their terms and cover their backsides. Plus ex-Military men who haven't forgotten what it's like. And don't forget various locations around the world and a mixed bag of assassins.
"The international espionage community was a loose affiliations of spies, analysts, and operatives who were bound by the unique nature of their careers.... Rapp was an icon in their world, admired by friend and foe alike. He was a man who had worked in the field and come up through the ranks-something they could all respect..."

off to read...

by the time I hit page 650 I didn't want to finish the book. My heart was racing and I wanted to know what happens but I didn't want it to be over.

Several times, Mitch Rapp's time is brought up, fifteen years, and I am happy that there is another book in this series waiting for me. This can be read without having read the previous books but there are references to them that you might consider spoilers.

Overall, the book was reminder why I like Vince Flynn and gave me a good kick to read the others that I've missed. Hey, it's been long enough, I could start at the beginning!

Grade: A

Disclaimer: This title came from my personal library. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of the publisher and Barnes&Noble

Consent to Kill
by Vince Flynn

Pocket Star
tall Mass Market Paperback
Spy Thriller
18+ (I'd let my 8th grader read this)
674 pages
ISBN: 9781416505013

Product Description:
For ten years Mitch Rapp has fought on the frontline of the War on Terror. His bold actions have saved the lives of thousands -- but in the process his list of enemies has grown inexorably. There are even those within his own government who would like to see him eliminated. Thousands of miles away, the influential father of a dead terrorist demands retribution for the death of his son. He wants Rapp dead -- and his hate-filled plea has found sympathetic ears. In the tangled, duplicitous world of espionage, there are those, even among America's allies, who feel Rapp has grown too effective. They've been looking for an excuse to eliminate America's No 1 counterterrorism operative -- and they've decided to seize the chance.

The Hunter has become the Hunted. A tragedy of unimaginable proportions is about to befall Mitch Rapp -- and he must use all his cunning, skill and ruthless determination to stay alive and seek vengeance against the traitor who would bring him down.

Started just because but it fits the "Big Book Summer Challenge" to read a book over 400 pages. I also used this title for several other challenges.

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

Happy Monday

My recovery outlook was optimistic. I had hoped to spend the week getting back on track at the gym but instead, my "cold" has made me miserable and I've spent the week medicated.

I was able to spend some time with Armchair BEA and mostly keep up with Authors A to Z.

There is hope for next week.

Hope everyone has a great week planned.

Mailbox Monday is a place to share all the wonderful books that have come to live in your home; print, electronic and audio. Started by Marcia of The Printed Page, the mailbox is currently on tour. Check it out so you know where to go next month.

A big thank you to Martha's Bookshelf for hosting in May. June's host is Alternative Read (blog link, not post link).

Received for Review:
Play Him Again by Jeffrey Stone


from Author:

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente

The Naked Duke by Sally MacKenzie
The Forever Summer by Suzanne Macpherson 
...went shopping through the free section, added a bunch then clicked Pin It
(not finished pinning all of them)

What are you Reading?

A weekly Monday meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey. Post what you read last week and what you're planning to read this week then link to Shelia's post. Then visit, visit,visit! She has a comment contest going on each week tied to the meme.

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

Adam Orser: the Chronicles of Evolution by Daniel Armand
Code Blood by Kurt Kamm
Noah by Jacquelyn Frank
Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear 
Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck
Divergent by Veronica Roth
Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack
Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey
Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn
Shelf Discovery by Lizzie Skurnick
Cut, Crop & Die by Joanna Campbell Slan
The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Next up:
Circle of Seven by Bryan Davis

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey is scheduled

Did Not Finish, may try again later:

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Authors A to Z: H

Authors from A to Z
June Blogging Event

hosted by Proud Book Nerd

More info here, sign-up here.

A month-long posting challenge that showcases authors and their works. We start on June 1 and post daily (except Sundays), with each day having a letter of the alphabet. The point of this:
  • To show our appreciation to awesome authors.
  • To share awesome authors with our readers.
  • To challenge ourselves to post daily, outside memes and reviews.
H! Was Hemingway the first author you thought of? How about Robert A Heinlein? I own books by these as well as Kristin Hardy, Charlaine Harris, Elizabeth Haydon, Mary H. Herbert, Jack Higgins, and Leanna Renee Heiber

I was horse-mad growing up (still am a little) and I remember devouring everything I could find by Ms. Henry!
King of the Wind
by Marguerite Henry, foundation website

He was named "Sham" for the sun, this golden-red stallion born in the Sultan of Morocco's stone stables. Upon his heel was a small white spot, the symbol of speed. But on his chest was the symbol of misfortune. Although he was swift as the desert winds, Sham's pedigree would be scorned all his life by cruel masters and owners.

This is the classic story of Sham and his friend, the stable boy Agba. Their adventures take them from the sands of the Sahara. to the royal courts of France, and finally to the green pastures and stately homes of England. For Sham was the renowned Godolphin Arabian, whose blood flows through the veins of almost very superior thoroughbred. Sham's speed — like his story — has become legendary.

Magic Hour
by Kristin Hannah website

Deep in the Pacific Northwest lies the Olympic National Forest- nearly one million acres of impenetrable darkness and impossible beauty. Even in this modern age, much of it remains undiscovered and uncharted. From the heart of this old forest, a six-year-old girl appears. Speechless and alone, she can give no clue as to her identity, no hint of her past…

Until recently, Dr. Julia Cates was one of the preeminent child psychiatrists in the country, but a scandal shattered her confidence, ruined her career, and made her a media target. When she gets a desperate call from her estranged sister, Ellie, a police chief in their small western Washington hometown, she jumps at the chance to escape.

In Rain Valley, nothing much ever happens-until a girl emerges from the deep woods and walks into town. She is a victim unlike any Julia has ever seen: a child locked in a world of unimaginable fear and isolation.

(doesn't even begin to tell of the power in this novel)

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The Death of Homemaking?

This was going to be an added-on part of another post but I seem to have deep feelings on the subject...

Interesting concept but not sure I like The Death of Homemaking being the call. A student at BYU has re-conceptualized homemaking complete with a new name, Domaign. (see article) We've been calling ourselves something other then homemaker for years but I don't think I want to be a, what? domaigner? Whoa, too close to Dominatrix! ;) There was an exhibit with black and white posters from the 50's and 60's featuring advertisements catered to the stereotypical homemaker. You know, Leave it to Beaver? pearls and heels? Twin-set? The kicker is that R.I.P was written boldly across the posters in red.

I'm sure if I had seen the posters without knowing what was behind the concept, I'd be thinking anti-motherhood. Which is a very strange thing to think of in conjunction with BYU.
“Roommates, no roommates, single, married, guy, girl, Domaign is for everyone,” Alexi Bullock said.
I can understand wanting to not be thought of as a homemaker. Let's face it, most of the time "just a" is involved, but I'm deeply offended by this. Do I not understand what she's doing? Am I stuck in the mud and too old-fashioned to evolve?

I never considered myself a soccer mom even though my kids played soccer. I was not a PTA mom but was a parent very involved with my children's school.


Think of that what you will. I'm the one who went on field trips, was room-parent, helped in the library. I read. Went to college. Do crafts. Cook and clean if I have to. I got involved with the kid's sports. I do charity work. It's not the idea of homemaking that needs a new name, it's the perception of it.

I read somewhere that women who choose a different way then being a SAHM (want or need to work) are the worst critics of those who are SAHMs.

I'm sorry. I don't get it.


Notice I didn't say housewife. I make a home for my family. The way that happens has changed over the years but I still make a home for my family.

I least I didn't get anywhere when I googled "Domaign" except to domain. The word may have come from Doma (home) and design but I really hope this doesn't take off. There is a way to design your perfect life without trashing what has coming before.

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Armchair BEA: Ask the Experts

Woo Hoo! For those who want to participate during Book Expo America but are unable to head to New York. . .

Armchair BEA

hosted by a bunch of wonderful bloggers at Armchair BEA Central

Today's topic: Ask the Experts

It's Friday! The last day of Armchair BEA. Can you believe it? The week has just flown by. I hope everyone has met some new blogging friends and learned a few things too. Maybe you got ideas for the future of your blog. We hope so. We want book blogging to be around for a long time. Today's topic is Ask The Experts. In your post, ask the visitors to your blog for blogging advice. What did you always want to know about blogging but were afraid to ask? Now is the time! Alternatively, if you've been blogging for awhile, you've probably learned a thing or two. Whether you stumbled upon a something that makes blogging easier or made a mistake you'd never want anyone to repeat, share your experience and wisdom with others. So, that's it! Ask a question or share a tip. When you're finished your post, link it up.


I may have been blogging for a couple of years but I still feel wet behind the ears. I started with Blogger and I've stayed with Blogger but I've noticed things on other blogs that I like...reply in the comments, comment luv and numbered comments are right off the top of my head so I guess my question(s) is/are . . . What platform do you use?

Do you own your domain name?

Where do you host/self host?

How long have you been blogging?

How much time do you spend blogging each week?

Do you review everything you read?

Would a quick this is what it's about, my rating is, be okay?

How much html do you know?


This week went by too fast. I didn't participate as much as I had hoped too but I didn't do too bad considering (first time, cold, tweaked back).

I've got to bookmark the participant linky page so I can go back to "meet" all of you.

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A Top 100 List (and link) for Science-Fiction, Fantasy

NPR (National Public Radio) has an annual summer reader's survey and more than 60,000 ballots were cast in 2011. There were 237 finalists, below are the Top 100.

The questions are: How many have YOU read? Which are you happy about? Which do you wish you hadn't read? Which are you going to read next?

and the big question....Will you look for and participate in 2012's survey?

I'm sure at this point I'm supposed to make note of which I've read but there are several series on there and I may not have finished the series. I own a whole lot but then again, I may not own the whole series. sigh...

1. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, by J.R.R. Tolkien ~ read
2. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams ~ read
3. Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card ~ read
4. The Dune Chronicles, by Frank Herbert ~ read
5. A Song Of Ice And Fire Series, by George R. R. Martin
6. 1984, by George Orwell ~ read
7. Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury ~ read
8. The Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov
9. Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
10. American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
11. The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
12. The Wheel Of Time Series, by Robert Jordan ~is the last book even published yet?
13. Animal Farm, by George Orwell ~ read
14. Neuromancer, by William Gibson
15. Watchmen, by Alan Moore
16. I, Robot, by Isaac Asimov
17. Stranger In A Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein
18. The Kingkiller Chronicles, by Patrick Rothfuss
19. Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut
20. Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley
21. Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick
22. The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood ~ read
23. The Dark Tower Series, by Stephen King
24. 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke
25. The Stand, by Stephen King
26. Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson
27. The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury
28. Cat's Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut
29. The Sandman Series, by Neil Gaiman
30. A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess
31. Starship Troopers, by Robert Heinlein
32. Watership Down, by Richard Adams ~ read
33. Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey ~ read
34. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, by Robert Heinlein
35. A Canticle For Leibowitz, by Walter M. Miller
36. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells
37. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, by Jules Verne
38. Flowers For Algernon, by Daniel Keys ~ read
39. The War Of The Worlds, by H.G. Wells
40. The Chronicles Of Amber, by Roger Zelazny
41. The Belgariad, by David Eddings
42. The Mists Of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
43. The Mistborn Series, by Brandon Sanderson
44. Ringworld, by Larry Niven
45. The Left Hand Of Darkness, by Ursula K. LeGuin ~ read
46. The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien ~ read
47. The Once And Future King, by T.H. White
48. Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman
49. Childhood's End, by Arthur C. Clarke
50. Contact, by Carl Sagan
51. The Hyperion Cantos, by Dan Simmons
52. Stardust, by Neil Gaiman
53. Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson
54. World War Z, by Max Brooks
55. The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle ~ read
56. The Forever War, by Joe Haldeman
57. Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett
58. The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever, by Stephen R. Donaldson
59. The Vorkosigan Saga, by Lois McMaster Bujold
60. Going Postal, by Terry Pratchett
61. The Mote In God's Eye, by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
62. The Sword Of Truth, by Terry Goodkind ~ read
63. The Road, by Cormac McCarthy
64. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke
65. I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson
66. The Riftwar Saga, by Raymond E. Feist ~ read
67. The Shannara Trilogy, by Terry Brooks ~ read
68. The Conan The Barbarian Series, by R.E. Howard
69. The Farseer Trilogy, by Robin Hobb
70. The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger ~ read
71. The Way Of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson
72. A Journey To The Center Of The Earth, by Jules Verne
73. The Legend Of Drizzt Series, by R.A. Salvatore
74. Old Man's War, by John Scalzi
75. The Diamond Age, by Neil Stephenson
76. Rendezvous With Rama, by Arthur C. Clarke
77. The Kushiel's Legacy Series, by Jacqueline Carey
78. The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. LeGuin
79. Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury
80. Wicked, by Gregory Maguire
81. The Malazan Book Of The Fallen Series, by Steven Erikson
82. The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde
83. The Culture Series, by Iain M. Banks
84. The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart
85. Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
86. The Codex Alera Series, by Jim Butcher
87. The Book Of The New Sun, by Gene Wolfe
88. The Thrawn Trilogy, by Timothy Zahn
89. The Outlander Series, by Diana Gabaldan
90. The Elric Saga, by Michael Moorcock
91. The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury
92. Sunshine, by Robin McKinley
93. A Fire Upon The Deep, by Vernor Vinge
94. The Caves Of Steel, by Isaac Asimov
95. The Mars Trilogy, by Kim Stanley Robinson
96. Lucifer's Hammer, by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
97. Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis
98. Perdido Street Station, by China Mieville
99. The Xanth Series, by Piers Anthony
100. The Space Trilogy, by C.S. Lewis

I can't even check off #99 because I'm missing a couple of the 20+ books in the series. Only 18? um, I wonder how many of these I own but haven't read yet. . .

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Authors A to Z: G

Authors from A to Z
June Blogging Event

hosted by Proud Book Nerd

More info here, sign-up here.

A month-long posting challenge that showcases authors and their works. We start on June 1 and post daily (except Sundays), with each day having a letter of the alphabet. The point of this:
  • To show our appreciation to awesome authors.
  • To share awesome authors with our readers.
  • To challenge ourselves to post daily, outside memes and reviews.
G! Erle Stanley Gardner, Zane Grey, Terry Goodkind's website, Debora Geary's website

I had a hard time choosing so I went with the first suspense title. Ms Gardner's first books were written a Alicia Scott. (the notorious serial killer in Hide was named for a piece of exercise equipment)
The Perfect Husband
by Lisa Gardner website
Jim Beckett was everything she’d ever dreamed of...

But two years after Tess married the decorated cop and bore his child, she helped put him behind bars for savagely murdering ten women. Even locked up in a maximum security prison, he vowed he would come after her and make her pay.

Now the cunning killer has escaped—and the most dangerous game of all begins

Death by Cashmere
by Sally Goldenbaum website
Nell Endicott's niece, Izzy Chambers, raises some eyebrows when she rents the apartment above her knitting shop to Angie Archer, whose reputation for loose behavior and a quick temper has made her unpopular with many locals. But could any of them have wanted her dead? Angie’s body is discovered drowned in the harbor, her long red hair tangled like seaweed in a lobster trap.

An official investigation rules the death an accident. There are speculations of too many whiskey sours, a slippery wharf, a dark night… But Izzy and the Seaside Knitters smell something fishy. When several strange incidents occur above the shop, the women decide to take matters into their own hands. But before long, their small-town sense of security is frayed, and the threat of more violence hangs over this tightly knit community.

The Princess Bride, movie website
by William Goldman, info at wikipedia
A true fantasy classic. William Goldman describes it as a "good parts version" of "S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure." Morgenstern's original was filled with details of Florinese history, court etiquette, and Mrs. Morgenstern's mostly complimentary views of the text. Much admired by academics, the "Classic Tale" nonetheless obscured what Mr. Goldman feels is a story that has everything: "Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles."

Goldman frames the fairy tale with an "autobiographical" story: his father, who came from Florin, abridged the book as he read it to his son. Now, Goldman is publishing an abridged version, interspersed with comments on the parts he cut out.

Dead Cat Bounce
Home Repair is Homicide Mysteries
by Sarah Graves, info at Fantastic Fiction

Since she bought her rambling old fixer-upper of a house, Jacobia Tiptree has gotten used to finding things broken. But her latest problem isn't so easily repaired. Along with the rotting floor joists and sagging support beams, there's the little matter of the dead man in Jake's storeroom, an ice pick firmly planted in his cranium.

Not much happens in her tiny Maine town, but that's about to change. Jake's unknown guest turns out to be a world-famous corporate raider, local boy turned billionaire Threnody McIlwaine. When Jake's best friend, quiet and dependable Ellie White, readily confesses to the murder, cops and journalists swarm into snowbound Eastport.

Jake smells a cover-up, and begins poking into past history between McIlwaine and Ellie's family. But someone doesn't like nosy neighbors...and Jake's rustic refuge may become her final resting place.

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer
by John Grisham website

In the small city of Strattenburg, there are many lawyers, and though he's only thirteen years old, Theo Boone thinks he's one of them. Theo knows every judge, policeman, court clerk, and a lot about the law. He dreams of a life in the courtroom. But he finds himself in court much sooner than expected. Because he knows so much-maybe too much-he is suddenly dragged into the middle of a sensational murder trial. A cold-blooded killer is about to go free, and only Theo knows the truth.
The stakes are high, but Theo won't stop until justice is served.

I'm really starting to see the error of not cataloging faster! Some of my best books are physically unreachable and not listed at LibraryThing
copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

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Authors A to Z: F

Authors from A to Z
June Blogging Event

hosted by Proud Book Nerd

More info here, sign-up here.

A month-long posting challenge that showcases authors and their works. We start on June 1 and post daily (except Sundays), with each day having a letter of the alphabet. The point of this:
  • To show our appreciation to awesome authors.
  • To share awesome authors with our readers.
  • To challenge ourselves to post daily, outside memes and reviews.
F? Let's see. . . David Farland, Walter Farley, Susan Fletcher, Lori Foster, Alan Dean Foster, Earlene Fowler, Tracy Fobes

Cornelia Funke, website
"I wrote my first story when I was nearly 35 years old! I was ancient!

"Now I am 53. Together with my children Ben and Anna I live in the City of Angels - in beautiful Los Angeles. We have a wonderful and wacky dog named Luna (nowadays we call her Looney - that’s much more appropriate!) and a biting turtle which my son Ben called Hercules (although she's a girl). Our house is crammed with books and DVDs (we are all completely addicted to watching movies) and dragons made of all sorts of materials.

"I am very lucky that my children like what I do and that their friends like to read my stories. Otherwise life would be rather embarrassing for them, don't you think?"

Always Looking Up
by Michael J. Fox, info at Wikipedia, his Foundation

At the turn from our bedroom into the hallway, there is an old full-length mirror in a wooden frame. I can't help but catch a glimpse of myself as I pass. Turning fully toward the glass, I consider what I see. This reflected version of myself, wet, shaking, rumpled, pinched, and slightly stooped, would be alarming were it not for the self-satisfied expression pasted across my face. I would ask the obvious question, "What are you smiling about?" but I already know the answer: "It just gets better from here." — from Always Looking Up

Dick Francis and Felix Francis website

I've been reading Dick Francis for 30 years. He was a jockey. And a writer. That doesn't do him justice. His mysteries have a horse element but are not strictly for the horse-mad as I was/am. The are strong mystery novels and I am so glad that his son Felix is carrying on the work.

I am unable to even pick a favorite couple. My husband only buys DF for me if it came out within the week. Otherwise he knows I already have it. I was once teased that I married M so I'd be a Francis too. :D

Hanging by a Thread
Monica Ferris, website

Betsy is still new enough to Excelsior, Minnesota, to not know a scandal when she causes one. So, when she hires Foster Johns to fix her roof, the resulting uproar has her needled. The whole town has pinned a five-year-old unsolved double murder on him. Betsy believes Johns when he says he isn’t guilty. But she’ll have to use every stitch of her sleuthing skills to tie up all the loose ends that will prove his innocence once and for all.

(Betsy's first murder to solve was her sisters! Betsy came to crash at her sister's place and get her head together. She ends up solving the murder of her sister and staying to run her sister's, now her's, needlecraft shop. I wish I could visit the shop, it sounds wonderful!)

The Dark series, her wonderful Carpathian stories
Dark Prince
by Christine Feehan, website

A telepathic hunter of serial killers, Raven Whitney helps catch some of the most depraved criminals. But her work keeps her from getting close to others, and has drained her body and spirit. In need of rest and rejuvenation, she embarks on a vacation far from home.

Mikhail Dubrinksy is the Prince of the Carpathians, the powerful leader of a wise and secret ancient race that thrives in the night. Engulfed by despair, fearful of never finding the mate who can save him from the encroaching darkness, his soul cries out in loneliness. Until the day a beautiful voice full of light and love responds, softly soothing his pain and yearning.

From the moment they meet, Raven and Dubrinksy are helpless to resist the desire that sparks between them. But just as fate unexpectedly brings these life mates together, malevolent forces threaten to destroy them and their fragile love. Yet even if they survive, how can these two lovers – Carpathian and human – build a future together? And how can Dubrinksy bring Raven into his dark world without extinguishing her beautiful goodness and light?

copyright Book Dragon's Lair 2009-2012

In accordance to the FTC guidelines, I must state that I make no monetary gains from my reviews or endorsements here on Book Dragon's Lair. All books I review are either borrowed, purchased by me, given as a gift, won in some kind of contest, or received in exchange for an honest review.