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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Death of Homemaking?

This was going to be an added-on part of another post but I seem to have deep feelings on the subject...

Interesting concept but not sure I like The Death of Homemaking being the call. A student at BYU has re-conceptualized homemaking complete with a new name, Domaign. (see article) We've been calling ourselves something other then homemaker for years but I don't think I want to be a, what? domaigner? Whoa, too close to Dominatrix! ;) There was an exhibit with black and white posters from the 50's and 60's featuring advertisements catered to the stereotypical homemaker. You know, Leave it to Beaver? pearls and heels? Twin-set? The kicker is that R.I.P was written boldly across the posters in red.

I'm sure if I had seen the posters without knowing what was behind the concept, I'd be thinking anti-motherhood. Which is a very strange thing to think of in conjunction with BYU.
“Roommates, no roommates, single, married, guy, girl, Domaign is for everyone,” Alexi Bullock said.
I can understand wanting to not be thought of as a homemaker. Let's face it, most of the time "just a" is involved, but I'm deeply offended by this. Do I not understand what she's doing? Am I stuck in the mud and too old-fashioned to evolve?

I never considered myself a soccer mom even though my kids played soccer. I was not a PTA mom but was a parent very involved with my children's school.


Think of that what you will. I'm the one who went on field trips, was room-parent, helped in the library. I read. Went to college. Do crafts. Cook and clean if I have to. I got involved with the kid's sports. I do charity work. It's not the idea of homemaking that needs a new name, it's the perception of it.

I read somewhere that women who choose a different way then being a SAHM (want or need to work) are the worst critics of those who are SAHMs.

I'm sorry. I don't get it.


Notice I didn't say housewife. I make a home for my family. The way that happens has changed over the years but I still make a home for my family.

I least I didn't get anywhere when I googled "Domaign" except to domain. The word may have come from Doma (home) and design but I really hope this doesn't take off. There is a way to design your perfect life without trashing what has coming before.

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