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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spotlight: Change Your Life Not Your Wife

Funny title? Sure but while I haven't read the book, I agreed to do a spotlight because I thought the message was important.
Divorce is everywhere. Especially among high-achieving and success-driven professionals-sometimes even those in long-term marriages. Unfortunately, this divorce pattern often repeats itself resulting in more broken relationships. Targeted toward top executives, doctors, lawyers, and spouses, Change Your Life Not Your Wife demystifies this seeming discord - highly successful individuals failing at home and making life-damaging choices. Drs. Ferretti and Weiss offer hope through insight and easy-to-understand exercises to improve these most important relationships.
I feel that any book that could help lower the divorce rate has to have some value to our society as a whole. Look for a guest post later this week.

Title: Change Your Life Not Your Wife
Marriage Saving Advice for Success Driven People
Author: Tony Ferretti, PH.D
Author: Peter J. Weiss, M.D.

Publisher: Heathrow Books
Release Date: May 2012
ISBN: 978-0985043407
Pages: 192

Drs. Ferretti and Weiss explain how the same character traits that propel us to succeed in our careers can bring our family life crashing down. Using true-to-life examples that we all can recognize, they clearly outline the perils posed by being achievement or power oriented in your intimate relationships.

Eschewing the blame game, the authors stress that usually both partners have had a role in arriving at a marital crossroads. It's not just one person's fault. Their good news is that relationships can get better. Marriages do heal. When couples are willing to work through their issues, dramatic improvement and healing are possible.

In this book you will:
Discover the common personality traits behind the succeed at work/fail at home syndrome,

Understand how your current behavior in relationships has been shaped by your childhood experiences,

Assess the priorities in your life and the importance of shifting your focus from possessions to people,

Find simple assessments, and exercises to help you evaluate your marriage,

Learn through a step-by-step process how to heal, nurture, and grow your marriage with proven and effective tools,

See how counseling works to help couples heal relationships, or to heal separately when relationships do fail.

Dr. Tony Ferretti is a licensed psychologist specializing in helping clients to recognize the addictive nature of power, control, and success. In his new book, Change Your Life, Not Your Wife: Marriage Saving Advice For Success-Driven People, Dr. Ferretti brings insights from his unique clinical experience to the general public. A gifted communicator, Dr. Ferretti has been a guest on Dr. Phil and numerous talk radio shows nationwide. He's also hosted his own show, Talk to Tony, a popular weekly call-in radio series on psychological topics.

His co-author, Dr. Peter Weiss, is physician and healthcare executive with a passion for helping others to health and wellness. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Weiss currently serves as an executive for the Adventist Health System in Orlando, Florida.

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