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Friday, May 29, 2015

So I'm going on vacation . . .

I'm leaving the family at home and heading to sister-in-law's house to play with their dog for a week. I guess you could say I'm house sitting or dog sitting but I consider it getting to play with their dog for the week.

I'm planning what I'm taking and while I have a list of stuff I usually take on vacation, the most important things this trip are my running shoes (walking the dog), my laptop/ereader, and a pile of books. So far I've got 10 print books. I seem to looking forward to reading Sabrina Jeffries ;-) Some of these are review books so look for a review post or two sometime this summer.

The Art of Sinning by Sabrina Jeffries (spotlight)
What the Duke Desires by Sabrina Jeffries (series)
When the Rogue Returns by Sabrina Jeffries
How the Scoundrel Seduces by Sabrina Jeffries
If the Viscount Falls by Sabrina Jeffries
99 Essential Weight Loss Blogposts by Kenneth Schwarz Ph.D. (LibraryThing)
A Potion to Die For by Heather Blake
Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff (spotlight)
Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones (GoodReads)
Closer to Home by Mercedes Lackey

I'm not leaving until Sunday afternoon so I've still got time to change my mind or add to my stack. I'll let you know what my final count is.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spotlight On . . . Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
ISBN: 978-1477830130 
Published: June 2015
genre: fiction
321 pages

format available:

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About the book:
They might’ve been a family.

Virginia finally had the chance to explore a relationship with Aaron when he asked her on a date. She had been waiting, hoping that the widower and his young son, Buddy, would welcome her into their lives. But a terrible tragedy strikes on the night of their first kiss, crushing their hopes for a future together.

Nineteen years later, Virginia is engaged, though she has not forgotten Aaron or Buddy. When her dog goes missing and it comes to light that her fiancĂ© set him loose, a distraught Virginia breaks off the engagement and is alone once again. A shy young man has found the missing pet, and although he’s bonded with the animal, he answers his conscience and returns the dog. Before long, Virginia and the young man discover a connection from their pasts that will help them let go of painful memories and change their lives forever.

Internal use:
First contact: April 21

format: print
arrived: May 27
review due: July 30 
Notified Janay that review is live:

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