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Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a Good News - Bad News post with some Worse News

I decided to take most of the summer off. Between house plans, running plans and vacation plans, it was less stressful just to leave the blog. Oh, I was still going to be reading and updating challenge pages. Maybe even post a review or two but was going off-line for as long as I could.

Michelle's High Summer RaT would take place along side a family reunion so I thought I wouldn't have much time to read and didn't bother to sign up.

So now it's July 22, about a month of being off-line that was mostly successful but certainly not as long as I thought. What's up? I should be making sure I have everything needed for a weekend of rafting, eating, playing and visiting but I'm not. I'm not going to the reunion this year. That's the bad news.

The worse news is why. I spent the first week of July in the hospital. My husband came home from work to find me on the bathroom floor. Every time I sat up, I got nauseous so I'd lay back down again. We thought it was food poisoning or maybe my blood sugar. When I tested at 320, we called the advice nurse. Result? A rush to the hospital. Two days in ICU then 5 days in the "step down" area. Still ICU just not as closely watched. Progress.

So the good news is that I'm home. I hardly had any endurance but I was walking. We put a twin bed in the family room so I didn't have to go up the stairs so often. The Son became the warden of my medicine, he's been fantastic. I can finally go upstairs, shower and not have to rest before getting dressed. Still not blow drying my hair - that dryer is heavy! - or driving.

Sitting so still as I got caught up in a good book wasn't the cause any but didn't help. Lesson learned? Get up and move, sitting still so long can be dangerous!

Oh, what was wrong? Massive pulmonary embolism. Basically, I've got several blood clots in both lungs.

And just why am I sharing this? Well, for one thing I'll be on the computer less and trying to read less so I'm sitting less but I'm signing up for the RaT! Not sure how "sit less" will work out when I'm starting out with a read-a-thon but that's what happening in my life.

My summer list just got shorter but changed some and will take twice as long as I try to get my stamina back. Man, so much for running. The bright side is that I am here to be disappointed about running, it was a near miss.

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Bev Hankins said...

So sorry to hear about your health ordeal and glad that you're still with us! I'm hoping that things are going well for your recovery.

I understand about the stamina--I didn't have anything life-threatening, but since my last surgery I've never been able to recover the stamina level I had pre-surgery. I hope you are able to get yours back completely.

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! I agree with Bev, it takes a while to recover--well, my guess is I'm older than you, and it has taken me a while. I injured my hip a couple of years ago doing guess what! Running. I'm back, finally, but I won't be running anymore.

BD no longer stands for Book Dragon. It stands for Big Deal! That was a big deal, and I hope you feel better every day.


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