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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Truth from Fiction

So I'm reading an online serial. A couple of times, something written has been profound. In this story there is a festival every month, even if it isn't written about. At a festival in this latest chapter, a father is telling his son "to hold his tongue and not say such judgmental things". I have no idea what the son was being judgemental about.

One of the Priests overhears the scolding and says, "Why must you hold your tongue? Why is it so burdened with judgmental thoughts to begin with? We don’t need to form opinions on our acquaintances’ every move. More consideration of our own lives, and less fretting over how we feel about others’ lives, would see us all in a better place."

Just think how much better the world would be if we each were less burdened with judgemental thoughts.

Of course the flip side is I've got to watch myself! I'm a little judgemental about television preachers who always seem to be asking for money "for the Lord's work" but live such a lavish lifestyle!

Just a thought

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