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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Last Herald Mage

This is another Valdemar series. Arrows of the Queen was the first book published and a character in them now has his own series.

Vanyel has never fit in well at home. He would much rather spend time with his music then being "beat upon" by the weaponsmaster. His father finally has enough and sends him to Haven hoping his Herald aunt can "make a man out of him" for his father fears he is fey. The other boys are jealous because they think it would be the most wonderful thing to be sent to the capitol where the Guard may take notice of them thus earning a position. For Vanyel it is punishment.

The trilogy starts with him at home and we learn how awful it is for him. We end up in the capitol city where his dream of becoming a Bard are crushed. We're with him for his first love & first heartbreak. We're there when he is chosen. We learn of his wild talent and his trip to the Shin'a'in for help. He starts having dreams of a dark master.

All this happens in book 1, Magic's Pawn.

Book two, Magic's Promise, has Vanyel going to another country to protect a newly chosen from another Herald (unheard of!). Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg of trouble that Vanyel has found and must fix.

Book three, Magic's Price, has a King near death, Karse attacking one border and "forces led by a master of dark forbidden magic" getting ready to attack on another border.

Through out these books, Vanyel is lonely but afraid that anyone close to him can (and does!) be used against him, even his parents. He tries to stay friendless, not even letting those in the captitol know how close he is to his nephew. It is his nephew that forces him to open up to another love, Stephan. His father was right. Vanyel doesn't like girls but will his "friend" ever be welcome at his father's home? How can Vanyel keep all he loves safe? Who is the dark master? What threat does he bring and how can Vanyel counteract it?

I enjoyed these very much. True, the main character is gay but the sex is all behind closed doors. I don't know if the series is listed as teen or not but I would have no problem with my 5th grader reading this if he has the skill/interest.

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Literary Feline said...

My husband introduced me to this series when we were in our first year of college. I started with the Vanyel trilogy of the Valdemar series and so these books in particular hold a special place in my heart. It's good to see they are still being read and enjoyed. :-)


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