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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Challenges for 2011

Welcome to my 2011 Challenge page
Each name is a link to my post about the challenge. That is where you'll find where it is hosted, what the requirements are, the time frame and my progress/list of books. Or a link to wherever my book list is.

December 10: Open Challenges
52-52-52, into 2012
ALA's Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010, into 2012
Fall into Reading 9-23/12-22 (one more book!)
Monthly Mix-up Mania, two years!
Where Are You Reading? & 50 States

December 2: Open Challenges
400 Mile Fitness Challenge ~no way, will try again next year
Declutter Challenge ~oh, please
52-52-52, into 2012
ALA's Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010, into 2012
Christmas Spirit, Nov 21 to Jan 6 ~completed
Fall into Reading 9-23/12-22
Holiday Read-a-Thon Dec 2-4 ~completed
Monthly Mix-up Mania, two years!
Snowy Days Read-a-Thon, Dec 5-7 ~completed
Where Are You Reading? & 50 States

Original List
400 Mile Fitness Challenge
Declutter Challenge

+11 in '11 ~completed~
52-52-52, into 2012
J. Kaye's 100+ ~completed~
A to Z, titles ~completed~
ALA's Ten Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2010, into 2012
Alphabet Challenge, characters ~completed~

Anne McCaffrey Challenge ~completed~
ARC Challenge ~completed~
The Art of the Novella August only ~completed~
BEDA ~completed~
Birth Year Reading Challenge ~completed~
The Chronicles of Narnia, read-a-long ~failed~

Color Coded ~completed~
Two Cozy Mystery Challenges ~both completed~
E-Book Challenge ~completed~
Fall into Reading 9-23/12-22
Foodie's Reading Challenge ~completed~
The Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge ~completed~

Jane Austen
Memorable Memoirs ~completed~
Mental Illness Advocacy ~abandoned~
Monthly Mix-up Mania, two years!
Mystery & Suspense ~completed~

The Non-Fiction Challenge ~completed~
Off the Shelves ~abandoned~
Outdo Yourself ~completed/abandoned~
Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Challenge ~completed~
R.I.P. VI ~completed~

Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks ~completed~
Read to Me ~completed~
R.Y.O.B. Read-a-Thon ~completed~
Reading Challenge Addict ~completed~
Romance Reading Challenge ~completed~
Spring Reading Thing, Mar 20-Jun 20 ~completed~

The TBR Dare to April 1st or six books minimum ~Failed~
Toss Me a Frosty One! Jun 21-Sep 22 ~completed~
What an Animal IV ~completed~
What's in a Name 4 ~completed~
Where Are You Reading? & 50 States

Young Readers ~completed~

not bad, first week of January and I'm only at 1 read-a-long and 5 challenges ;)

The month isn't even half over and I'm up to 17 book challenges! Good thing I can overlap my reading.

3-12-11: found more! I've linked a couple but only started to list the ones I'm still thinking about :D

3-24-11: I should quit while I'm ahead but I just know there will be some great summer/fall/winter challenges I'll want to do

4-2-11: sigh, joined another one
4-30: and another!
May... two more but one I was able to say no to ;)

September: THREE more! Two are repeats and one almost duplicates another challenge so I should be good to complete them also

Almost made it...."hosting" one!

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