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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thoughts on...'Twas the Night After Christmas

Oh, I felt for the boy! Left at boarding school until the very last then picked up by an Uncle instead of his parents. Was he never to go home for the holidays? Does it ever stop hurting to read about your parents in the newspaper but never receive a letter from them? I just wanted to hug him.

The boy grows up into quite a man. What will it take to thaw his frozen heart?

I started one afternoon and stayed up late to finish. Several tissues later and my questions are answered. This is a happy-ever-after story about the strength of a Mother's love, the strength of a woman's love and forgiveness. It isn't a simple boy-meets-girl kind of book, there is heart, and pain, to the story - as well as a good chunk of sex, the man is a Rogue after all.

There is the passionate Rogue, sizzling in bed but no warmth in his heart. There is the woman who married a man because of money, was her love ever real? There is the busybody companion sick about the son's heartless rejection of his Mother. Not all is as it seems.

And who in the world is Jasper?

I just want to tell you the whole story, I was so happy with how it all turned out! If you like an Earl or two in your romance, a few tears and happy-ever-afters, you're sure to like 'Twas the Night After Christmas.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy of this book without any obligation to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of publisher, picture from Barnes and Noble.

'Twas the Night After Christmas
by Sabrina Jeffries

publisher: Gallery Books,
ISBN: 9781451642469
Published October 30, 2012
Historical Romance
368 pages

also available for Kindle and Nook

Product Description:

The Letter

Dear Sir,   

I feel I should inform you that your mother is very ill. If you wish to see her before it is too late, you should come at once.   

Sincerely,  Mrs. Camilla Stuart

The Stubborn Earl of Devonmont

Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has led an unabashed rogue’s life, letting no woman near his heart. Inexplicably abandoned as a child to be raised by distant relatives, he never forgave his parents, refusing to read any of his mother’s letters after his father’s death. Then came a letter that shook his resolve. A Christmas visit to Montcliff might prove his last chance to discover the truth of his past, and come to terms with the stranger he calls “Mother.”

Mrs. Camilla Stuart & The Subterfuge

But two surprises await him at Montcliff. His mother is perfectly healthy, nowhere near a deathbed, as her meddling lady’s companion led him to believe. The second is Camilla Stuart herself, a lively vicar’s widow, too bright and beautiful not to arouse the scoundrel in Pierce. Though she alone is reason enough to prolong his stay, he is soon faced with other tantalizing riddles: What secrets lie in his mother’s past to explain his childhood abandonment? Why is the captivating Mrs. Stuart so determined to mend the breach between mother and son? Meanwhile,  Camilla herself is caught up in love’s complications since the arrival of the irresistible earl. As his bold flirtation and suggestive whispers draw her dangerously close, can anything protect her vulnerable heart? If they are destined to share real happiness, there must be honesty between them—yet telling him the truth about her own life may shatter that chance.

None of them can predict the startling revelations to come. Or the secrets, both heartening and shocking, divulged between a mother and son, and between two lovers haunted by their respective pasts, that will make Christmas night at Montcliff one to remember—and the glorious night after, one to treasure for a lifetime.

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