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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Week in Review

Fun, Fitness,  Family,
Television and Movies, 
maybe a book or two. 
A weekly report of what's been happening in my real-world life.

All my days have blurred together but I suppose that's to be expected when sleep is so out of whack. I'm getting 8-10 hours a day but it's in multiple sessions. grrr  I've got an appointment with a doc next month and I'm hoping she can help. Let me see if I can remember what happened this week...

Sunday - Church. My first sharing time, ever! Three primary presidents and I've never had to actually do the sharing time. I was horrible but the kids were attentive and seemed to get something out the lesson. I'm sure I'll be doing it one more time, hopefully with improvement!

Monday - Cancelled the training session as I assumed I'd be asleep. Nope. I don't think I did anything today.

Tuesday - Mr. Squeakers died today. We've had this rabbit for so long I thought he was going to live forever! Soon after Daughter moved into her current apartment, she took the rabbit to live with her. She found him in the morning. :-( 

Normally, she'd bring him home to us, to be added to the rest but she had him cremated. She'll get a clay imprint of his paw and a beautiful cedar box with his remains.

We also did lunch and some shopping. She was borrowing our car so she brought me home and stayed to visit. Even talked about getting another bunny. We told her to check Craig's List after Easter. 

Wednesday - Beautiful day today! Having Lunch with my parents, heading to the grocery store and attending my second Diabetic class. Still working on the "Plate Method" and avoiding all the good stuff that I love. sigh. The good news is that the work is showing up on the scale! I'm so excited. The numbers are solidly belong the next 5 without using licorice and while on my period! Yeah, TMI but I'm so excited!!

Did some cardio at home :-D

Just because it says sugar-free doesn't mean carb-free! Check your labels

Thursday - I don't think I did anything today except TV

Friday - Today looks much like yesterday ;-)

Saturday -

Movies - Mission Impossible II

Television - Biggest Loser, Bones, Doctor Who, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, 

Other Thoughts

Have a great week

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