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It's been an interesting year so far. I've lost both my Moms. My mother died in January after a long decline. Soon after, my Mother-in-Law went in for bypass surgery. While her heart healed, other issues zapped her strength and she died April 22.

I may have challenge update posts but I don't know when I'll be posting regularly or when I'll get to visit everyone who is working on the challenges I'm hosting.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March's Books Read

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~ March ~
  1. 164 - High and Tight by Shea Balik
  2. 165 - The Dirty Hoe by Shea Balik 
  3. 177 - Kiss of Leather by Shea Balik 
  4. 161 - The Pearl Necklace by Shea Balik 
  5. 164 - Get Nailed by Shea Balik 
  6. 173 - Below the Belt by Shea Balik
  7. 172 - Tying the Knot by Shea Balik 
  8. 163 - Euphoria by Shea Balik 
  9. 162 - Utopia by Shea Balik
  10. 169 - Bootilicious by Shea Balik 
  11. 159 - Skin in the Game by Shea Balik 
  12. 61 - A Shot of Cupid by Elizabeth Wilde 
  13. 49 - The 10/60 Diet by Phil Torcivia 
  14. 40 - Who Counts? by Amy-Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso 
  15. 211 - Where I Found You by Parker Elliot 
  16. 266 - Slander by Avery Ford 
  17. 153 - Wrap It Up by Joyee Flynn 
  18. 224 - Dying to be Loved by Aimee Nicole Walker 
  19. 241 - Something to Dye For by Aimee Nicole Walker 
  20. 238- Dyed and Gone to Heaven by Aimee Nicole Walker 
  21. 282 - Together Again by Aiden Bates 
  22. 229 - Salt and Pepper by Garett Groves  
  23. 143 - Holy Stockings by Joyee Flynn 
  24. 128 - Running with Curves by Jill Angie
  25. 90 - The Enchanted Horse by Magdalen Nabb
  26. 143 - Frosty Melt by Joyee Flynn 
  27. 213 - Crushed by A.R. Steele 
  28. 277 - Finding My Forever by Michele Nataro
  29. 241 - A Little Bit Broken by Michele Nataro

~ Books read in March: 29 ~
~ Pages read in Jan-Mar: ~

Number of Print books: 2
Number of ebooks: 27
Number of audio books: 0
List of genres: 

~ Book/Reading Goals ~
Read and review at least one review book
Review at least one other book
Read one book from my dusty TBR pile
Read one book from my current TBR pile
Read one book from my ebook TBR pile
Read at least one library book
Read at least two children's books (12 and under) (Who Counts?)
give away two books

 . . . blogging and real life goals have changed for January and February. Not sure about March and into April

~ Blogging Goals ~
Am hosting EIGHT reading challenges this year!
Will need to say hi to everyone by end of March
Visit at least twice more during the year

Happy Monday - Mailbox and list of what was read
Terrific Tuesday - 1st Paragraph Intros and Teaser
Wednesday - WWW Wednesday
Purrsday - Cat Thursday and Purrs-day
Finally Friday - Friday 56, running/real life
Saturday - Shelf-ies, Quotes and Cozy

~ Real Life Goals ~
RUN! 1,000 miles the 2,017
Strength train -
Keep uncluttering -

Strength workouts:
Uncluttering victories:

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