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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Week in Review

Fun, Fitness,  Family,
Television and Movies, 
maybe a book or two. 
A weekly report of what's been happening in my real-world life.

All my days have blurred together but I suppose that's to be expected when sleep is so out of whack. I'm getting 8-10 hours a day but it's in multiple sessions. grrr  I've got an appointment with a doc next month and I'm hoping she can help. Let me see if I can remember what happened this week...

Sunday - Church. I am officially the secretary now and it is kind of scary.

Monday - Training session. Didn't get as lightheaded this time but we also didn't do a lot of compound exercises. 

Tuesday - no ow, ow, ow because we didn't do squats. Also no gym/dinner with daughter :-( she needed to drive a hearse to another facility to see if the casket would fit. Yeah, it was that big. I cancelled lunch with my Mom so I'd be awake to go to the gym :/

Wednesday - First Diabetic class, "Living Well with Diabetes". The thing you need to know, right off the top of my head. . . I can get a DUI if I'm caught driving with my blood sugar too low. Not sure how they'd know to pull me over. If you have insurance, get tested. If you don't...a healthy diabetic diet is a healthy diet for anyone. Working on learning "The Plate Method", dang portion control. I miss chocolate. Or rather, I should miss chocolate. I've been buying the sugar-free stuff but it should be a treat and not eaten as much as I do.

Thursday - Rain. And a cancelled lunch. My mom doesn't like to go anywhere in the rain anymore. We'll try again next week

Friday - I got most of my television time in late Thur/early Fri. There was a trip to the library as well as dinner out (plate method worked!) and the grocery store.

Saturday - I've got stuff to do for tomorrow (bulletin, sharing time) and I really should hit the gym. I was going to do a virtual 5k yesterday and I forgot.

Movies - We've got A Thin Man right now. M thought is sounded a lot like Hart to Hart. I couldn't finish it. I liked the daughter and the detective's wife but didn't like the ex-wife and the son was way too creepy. It sounded choppy and fake, like they were making fun of a gangster movie without a script. Except for the son, his words flowed like that was what he was really like.

The Lorax was fabulous! It's been a while since I read the book and I didn't think there was enough to make a movie but I loved it! I'm thinking of buying the soundtrack {blush}

I  watched Miss Congeniality again. I've seen it several times and thought I'd seen it forwards and backwards but I don't remember the playground scene

Also saw Mission Impossible. The helicopter scene tested my beliefs but the movie was good and I liked the last airplane scene. It was streaming on Netflix. So is the third and fourth movie. We have to wait for the dvd of the second movie but it's next in line. 

Television - Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Flashpoint, Bones, Castle, Property Brothers, Buying and Selling

Other Thoughts
I've got a Spotlight post coming up

I had to return One Reckless Summer to the library without finishing it. The prologue has the main character as a 16-year-old being hassled by three brothers, the town's bad boys. Chapter one has her all grown up and back in town for the summer and what does she do? Trespasses on the brother's land and has sex with one of them. After that, I just couldn't get into it. I may try again or skip the first book in the series completely and try one of the other ones.

All week was Winter's Respite and I did lousy with my reading! Looking at my movie/television list and I think I found out why I did so horrible. ;-)

Have a great week

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Alice said...

Congratulation on being the official church secretary! All the best! :D

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Book Dragon said...

Thanks Alice! Luckily it's just for the youth but as there are 31 7-year-olds, I don't know if I want to know how many children there actually are.


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