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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie: The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey

Beautiful scenery. Fantastic fight scenes. I haven't read the book recently enough to know what was messed up. I did get two of the lines exactly right. It was super nice seeing familiar places and faces.

My main problem? I forgot it was a trilogy. {head bang}

Apparently I can disappear into a movie as well as a book and was totally engrossed. The snail shell is tapping and I'm thinking "that's got to be annoying". . . then the credits roll and I'm thinking "Wait. What? Already? Dang this is first of three".

Our local movie theater did a marathon of the Twilight movies when the last one came out. I would totally go to that if they do it for The Hobbit.

edit: Some of the movie trailers were for a new Star Trek movie, The Host (which actually looked good), Zombie Love, Pacific Rim, and one with leafmen who protect the forest.

Believe it or not, I want to see Zombie Love. I know, right? Check it out. And The Host? I didn't want to read the book because of Twilight even if it wasn't like Twilight. Maybe I'll skip the book and go straight to the movie. Or it could be a contender for "Second Chances". The leafmen one looks good too. Animated with a Fern Gully/Honey I Shrunk the Kids feel.

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Alice said...

I loved this movie sooooo much!

Book Dragon said...

At least they're not making us wait two years! Just 18 months

Petrea Burchard said...

The original book wasn't a trilogy. I'm bummed that they made it into three movies.

Book Dragon said...

Me too Petrea but only because of the wait. The scenery is so worth it!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Loved The Hobbit! I hate that it's a trilogy only because we have to wait so long. Otherwise, I'm thrilled for three movies.

You should really read The Host. While I liked the Twilight books, I loved The Host even more. I think it's far better written and it's just a great story. I'm really looking forward to that new Star Trek movie. I'm a total Trekkie!

Book Dragon said...

I remembered one of the other trailers... After Earth. Looks like Will Smith and his son have crash landed on Earth only not.

I read Twilight. Forced myself to finish and crossed SM off my author to read list. Being better written puts it back on my list and the movie looks fantastic.


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