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Friday, May 20, 2011

The First Love Cookie Club

The First Love Cookie Club
Lori Wilde

November 2010
370 pages (mass market paperback)
series: Twilight, Texas

"On Christmas Eve, if you sleep with kismet cookies under your pillow and dream of your one true love, he will be your destiny."

I'll admit to judging a book by it's cover and the cover is why I picked this one up but really, who could resist reading more about dreaming of your destiny? Lori Wilde has several books published with Harlequin. I'm sure I've read some but the cover is why I picked it up, not the author. This is not the first book set in Twilight, Texas, just the first one I read. I own them all now ;)

Sarah loves Christmas. Her parents aren't exactly the lovey type, she attends boarding school, but the Christmas holiday, and summer vacation, is spent with her Grandmother. Memories of her visits, the town and baking help her during the school year but the book starts with baking cookies and dreaming of her one true love and his wedding to someone else.

"There she was, a chubby teenager with braces on her teeth and reindeer antlers on her head and jingle bells on her sweater vest, standing between a bride and groom on their day, professing her love to a grown man who clearly did not love her back, while nearly the whole damn town of Twilight looked on, amused by her abject humiliation."

Well, you can imagine what this does to the poor girl and her love of Christmas!

Sarah is all grown up in chapter one, still hates Christmas, but has written a Christmas book....for children.

This wouldn't be a romance book without the "and they lived happily ever after" part which would seem hard to do if her prince charming has married someone else and you refuse to return to town. What to do....what to do.... Enter a dying child's last wish. The Mayor of the child's hometown will give Sarah the key to the city, she'll be the guest of honor at the town's annual Dickensian Christmas Festival, all kinds of book related stuff....and wouldn't you know it, the child lives in Twilight, Texas!

Don't let the page number scare you, this was a fast read for me. The characters come alive, drawing you in. I should have set a timer because I lost all track of time and truly wanted to move to Twilight! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Series order: 1. The Sweetheart Knitting Club, 2. The True Love Quilting Club, 3. The First Love Cookie Club, and 4. The Welcome Home Garden Club.

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1 comment:

Jenny Girl said...

I would never have guessed this had 370 pages. Glad tou liked it even if it's a bit predictable. There's comfort and joy in predictability :)


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