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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finished Reading . . . #28: Leaving Home (sexy)

Leaving Home
Home series, book 4
T.A. Chase
April 2013
157 pages

male/male romance, Cowboy/Rodeo
source: private library

Chaz struggles with his addiction, while continuing to do his job of saving bull riders, but it’s all getting out of control.

Charles ‘Chaz’ O’Brien has been at the top of his profession for many years, enduring injuries that would have crushed a lesser man. Yet the top bullfighter isn’t calling it quits any time soon. He does his job with a fierce joy, though all the while he’s hiding a terrible secret. One that could get him suspended, and could end up killing the very men he protects.

Peter Skinner loves working for Les Hardin and Randy Hersch. His bosses are amazing men, but seeing how in love they are every day makes Peter’s heart ache. He wishes he could find a man to love him like that, but he knows they’re hard to come by in Wyoming where he lives.

Until, one day, Peter finds a man strung out in an alley, and is the only one around to deal with it. When Peter and Chaz meet, their worlds collide in a way that could be the best thing in the world for them both, or the worst experience of their lives.

This could be read as a stand alone but is so much better when read as part of a series. There is a lot of back story in the previous books. That being said. It's been awhile and countless number of books ago since I read the others and I did just find.

Peter is a sweet character in a bad spot with his family but he learned that the family you choose can be a whole lot better than the one you're born into. Chaz doesn't have the family problem, his is pain meds. Chaz's life revolves around the rodeo. He's a clown and one of the important parts of the ring for he holds the rider's safety in his ability to distract the bulls. Hard to do when you're hurting, thus the pain medicine.

Does Chaz love the rodeo more then he loves Peter? That becomes the big question and the solution was unexpected.

Challenges this counts towards:
Let Me Count the Ways
M/M romance
Quick Fix
Monthly Key Words (home)

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