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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fitness Friday

After my summer health scare, I've had to reevaluate how much I read. I know there is life outside of books but dang it, a week in ICU was not a good way to hit me upside the head with it.

Oh, wait. Maybe it was.

The good news is that except for meds and being afraid to really push it at the gym, I seem to be back to the way I was. I'm working on the afraid part.

So to help with the health issues and keep all my stuff in one place, Friday is going to be an off topic day of health, food, exercise, goals . . . stuff like that.

I'll find/make a cute picture to bring it all together but for now you'll have to make do with text.

New plan: M heads upstairs to bed about 9 p.m. I usually go too but change into sweats and go back downstairs and read :D The new plan is to change clothes and go to the gym.

I'm publishing these a week late, just makes it easier for me but I've run across a challenge that throws that off. . . Wednesday marks 9 weeks to Christmas Day. So after my slight panic (decorations, cleaning, parent's dinner here, cleaning, gift buying), I  continued reading the post. How many miles can the group run in 9 weeks. I'm not high mileage but I can add to the total! Twitter updates: #XMilesToXmas.

Sunday: made it to church today but was falling asleep while reading so I took a nap. I really should have gone for a walk instead.

Monday: Woke up an hour earlier than my alarm which was set short of what I thought I'd need. Took a nap, missed my walk.

Tuesday: 7 p.m. tested at 111. Sigh. I had a PB&J at 7:30 then tested when I felt wobbly . . . 73. Don't understand what I did wrong but it looks like I won't be heading to the gym at 9.  Yes, I had juice, yes I'll test again, cross your fingers. Don't remember the number but I was fine later...with 20 minutes until the gym closed :-(

Wednesday: Breakfast with friends. Tested at 160 in the restaurant parking lot so I headed to the gym, finally. Tested after walking/running. . .120.  I did 1.43 miles in 30 minutes, tweeted #XMilesToXmas, and got 10 minutes of Very Active on my Fitbit

Thursday: Had to be somewhere too early (for me) and when I got home I started to nod off while reading! I went to bed. Too bad I couldn't sleep through the night.

Friday: XMilesTo Xmas asked (very early here!) about my mileage yesterday and I had to reply "horrible". Dinner with daughter tonight. 

Saturday: teach me to post on the day...don't remember what we did :-( OH, Target and dinner out, went to . . .  gone.

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