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Just a heads up that I'm going dark for several weeks. I may still update posts/challenges but there will be no new content, not even Thursdays.

My Mom died and I'm taking each day as it comes, plus helping my Dad go through her stuff.

Jan 16 update: Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, is in the hospital for bypass surgery

Feb 19 update: MIL is home now :-D and slowly getting better. I'm still helping my Dad with Mom's stuff but since my brother is out of town, I'm spending 4 nights at his house every week for a month. It's MUCH closer to Dad's and they do meals together and hang out.

Mar 8 update: I'm having a blast with my Dad. MIL has gone back to the hospital

Thursday, September 8, 2016

RC - Fall in Love

Fall in Love
Reading Challenge
Sep 22 - Dec 20

hosted by me!
for more information or to sign up, click here

This is a super casual, no stress challenge all about romance!

~ Reading Goals ~
My plan is to read at least six titles and 1,000 pages

~ Books Read ~
61 - A Good Feeling by S.A. Meade (m/m, military, contemporary)
180 - Rory's Last Chance by Bailey Bradford (m/m, cowboy, contemporary)
224 - You In My Arms by A.C. Katt (m/m, contemporary)
216 - Bobby's Old Man by A. C. Katt (m/m, contemporary)
140 - Liam's Unexpected Alpha by Alice Cain (m/m, wolf shifter, contemporary)
183 - Second Chance by Aiden Bates (m/m, contemporary, non-shifter mpreg)
~ 6 titles and 1,004 pages! ~
Challenge Completed: October 8
It Takes Two to Tango by M.A. Church (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Second Chance Bite by Flynn Eire/Joyee Flynn (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Spencer's Secret by Flynn Eire/Joyee Flynn (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Dying Assassin by Flynn Eire/Joyee Flynn (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
The Final Addition by Flynn Eire/Joyee Flynn  (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Squeak and a Roar by Joyee Flynn (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Tristan by Joyee Flynn (m/m, contemporary, shifter)
Whiskers, Mane, and a Biter by Joyee Flynn (m/m/m, contemporary, shifter/vamp)
Fire and Ash by Gabrielle Evans (m/m, contemporary, shifter/Sprite)
Ace-High Royal Flush by Tinnean (m/m, contemporary)
Here Kitty, Kitty by Joyee Flynn (m/m/m, contemporary, shifter/human)
series - Minnesota Christmas (m/m, contemporary)
series - Who Needs Christmas? ( m/m, paranormal, contemporary)
Safe Haven by Caitlin Ricci (m/m/m/m, contemporary)
The Wedding Date by Sean Ashcroft (m/m, contemporary)
My Heart to Keep by Bailey Bradford (m/m, contemporary)
Harey Situation by Bailey Bradford(m/m, shifter)
Defrosting Jack by Susan Laine (m/m, fantasy)
Wolfe and His Bunny by Susan Laine (m/m, shifter)
Home at Last by Tymber Dalton (m/m/m, contemporary)
Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton (m/m/f, contemporary)
series - Hot Mess by Stormy Glenn(m/m, contemporary)
Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton (m/m/m, contemporary)
The Hunter's Wolf by A.M. Halford (m/m, fantasy)
Full Moon Mating by Stormy Glenn (m/m, shifter)
Midnight Romance by A.M. Halford (m/m, fantasy)
Lock and Key by Z. Allora (m/m, contemporary)
Chocolate Cupcakes and Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker(m/m, fantasy, shifter/vampire)
series - Cedar Falls by Shea Balik (m/m, contemporary)
Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson (m/m, contemporary)
The Reluctant Wolf by Lisa Oliver (m/m, shifter)

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