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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thoughts On . . . Second Chance by Aiden Bates (NSFW story)

Second Chance
by Aiden Bates

Published by: CreateSpace
Published: August 2016
ISBN # 9781537102146
genre: romance-male/male, non-shifter pregancy
176 pages

formats available: ebook, trade paperback

Author's website | Facebook | Twitter

Book Description:
Traditionally, parents of alphas and omegas try to pair their children off young. It’s thought to be safest all around, and seventeen-year-old alpha Ben never questioned it. He hadn’t, that was, until his parents shoved him into a room with an omega named Tyler who was clearly too young to claim.

Ben did the right thing. He refused. He walked out of that room, told his family off, and accepted the consequences of that decision. After graduation, he left his family’s home, never to return.

Ten years later he takes a job in sunny San Diego. This might be the paradise he’s been dreaming of. The job pays well, the weather is perfect, and the apartment is in an exciting part of town. His neighbor turns out to be a super-hot runner who makes people-watching from the window a true pleasure every morning.

Except Running Guy isn’t just a pretty face. He turns out to be Tyler, the omega Ben walked away from ten years ago, and his life hasn’t been sunshine and roses since Ben left. They can’t deny their attraction for one another now, and it seems like they both have a second chance at love and happiness.

A wealthy omega real estate developer, however, threatens to make that second chance as disastrous as the first. Richard has his heart set on being claimed by Ben – and dead set against the social service agency where Ty works. Can Ben and Ty make their new love last?

My Thoughts:
I've enjoyed every mpreg book by Aiden that I've read so far and expected no less from Second Chance. What I wasn't expecting was the intense dislike I'd have for one of the characters or the fear about some of the things that character does.

You know how in some movies/shows there's one character you  just can't stand? My husband laughs when I mention it because that's the character you're supposed to dislike. The developer in this book is so over the top unlikable that I can find no redeeming values in him. I can't even say "but his company employees so many people" because of his behavior towards our main characters, I'm sure all his employees would be better off if the company was run by someone else!

I haven't finished the book yet, I came to a part that made my heart race. Ty was last seen leading a bunch of kids to the 3rd story fire escape because of a fire. Now that that scene is over, I'm trying not to skip ahead! I'm sure it's a HEA but dang, Ty didn't make it out of the building and is listed as unaccounted for. I want to know, what has the developer done with Ty?!

Taking a breathing break then diving back in!

Okay. Thanks to Aiden for not making me wait too long before finding out what happened to Ty.


Going back in

Ben and Ty live in the Gaslamp area of San Diego. I've been there so when they're talking about going some place I can smile because I know where they're talking about. Knowing that about this story, makes his other stories also more real, like they could happen today. I'm just waiting to see a couple of guys walking down the street holding hands, while one of them is pregnant.

Done. Yes it was a happy-ever-after but the journey was full of miscommunication, sexy times, stubbornness and danger.

The kindle version has a link to a bonus chapter. You'll need to sign up for the author's newsletter/club but the chapter isn't necessary to enjoy the rest of the book. Although I am going to read it next. ;-)

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