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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Review: DragonSpell plus four more

The problem will telling you about a series is ruining plot points on previous books. This is the Dragon Keepers Chronicles and I'll let the publisher and the cover blurbs "take the blame" for ruining anything. ;-)

Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 1
Donita K. Paul

WaterBrook Press
Categories: Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: Jun 22, 2004

from the publisher/back cover:
One Dragon Egg Holds the Key to the Future.

Once a slave, Kale is given the unexpected opportunity to become a servant to Paladin. Yet this young girl has much to learn about the difference between slavery and service.

A Desperate Search Begins…

A small band of Paladin’s servants rescue Kale from danger but turn her from her destination: The Hall, where she was to be trained. Feeling afraid and unprepared, Kale embarks on a perilous quest to find the meech dragon egg stolen by the foul Wizard Risto. First, she and her comrades must find Wizard Fenworth. But their journey is threatened when a key member of the party is captured, leaving the remaining companions to find Fenworth, attempt an impossible rescue, and recover the egg whose true value they have not begun to suspect…

Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 2
Donita K. Paul

WaterBrook Press
Categories: Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: Jun 7, 2005

from the publisher/back cover:
A New Quest Begins

A dragonkeeper of Paladin, Kale is summoned from the Hall to The Bogs by the Wizard Fenworth to serve as his apprentice and tend his newly hatched meech dragon, Regidor. But Kale isn’t going alone. The Hall is sending a student to monitor her performance and report back to the scholars. Worst of all, it’s Bardon–an older boy Kale finds irritating, but who at least can hold his own in a sword fight.

New Friendships Are Forged

Meanwhile, the Wizard Risto has seized another meech dragon, bringing him dangerously close to gaining the power he seeks. So with only a motley band of companions, Kale sets out on a desperate quest to rescue the second meech, to free those dragons already enslaved, and to thwart Risto’s devious plans. It’s up to Kale to lead the search and to embrace the role that’s rightfully hers. But will her efforts be enough to save the land of Amara from the dark future that awaits at Risto’s hands?

Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 3
Donita K. Paul

WaterBrook Press
Categories: Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: Jun 20, 2006

from the publisher/back cover:
Trapped in an evil spell… can the knights of Paladin be rescued?

Before vowing his allegiance to Wulder as a knight, Bardon heads to the mountains for solitude. His life is suddenly complicated by a woman and her granddaughter, N’Rae, on a mission to rescue the woman’s son trapped in a chamber of sleep. Bardon learns that more of Paladin’s knights are imprisoned–and suspects one of them is Dragon Keeper Kale’s missing father.

The secret is in their hands–and hearts.

The band travels north, uncertain of their destination and encountering numerous perils. When they unlock the chamber, they discover a dozen knights–who cannot be awakened. The journal holding the secret to rousing them is in an unknown language. How can they find the help they need, and overcome even graver obstacles, to rescue the knights?

Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 4
Donita K. Paul

WaterBrook Press
Categories: Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: Jul 17, 2007

from the publisher/back cover:
Three years of strife have passed since Kale and Bardon freed Paladin’s knights. Now, fiery dragons scorch their beautiful countryside as an evil husband-and-wife wizard duo battle one another for supremacy. The people of Amara just want to be left alone, hoping the conflict with disappear. But Paladin is dying, and Bardon and Kale–now married–must accept fateful assignments if their land is to survive. Will their efforts turn the tide against their adversaries?

They face a deadly threat–and a challenging choice.

Kale’s responsibility is to find, hatch, and train an army of dragons, and she tackles the daunting task–until she is shocked by a betrayal. As the Amaran countrymen seek escape, she must search for her husband, family, and friends while organizing an underground movement to weaken the enemy. But when the end draws near, Kale must choose between two dismal destinies.

Dragon Keepers Chronicles, Book 5
Donita K. Paul

WaterBrook Press
Categories: Juvenile Fiction - Religious - Christian - Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback
On Sale: Jun 17, 2008

from the publisher/back cover:
The fantastic land of Amara is recovering from years of war inflicted on its citizens by outside forces–as well as from the spiritual apathy corroding the Amarans’ hearts. With Kale and her father serving as dragon keepers for Paladin, the dragon populace has exploded. It’s a peaceful, exciting time of rebuilding. And yet, an insidious, unseen evil lurks just beneath the surface of the idyllic countryside.

Truth has never been more important, nor so difficult to discern.

As Kale and her father are busy hatching, bonding, and releasing the younger generation of dragons as helpers throughout the kingdom, the light wizard has little time to develop her skills. Her husband, Sir Bardon–despite physical limitations resulting from his bout with the stakes disease–has become a leader, serving on the governing board under Paladin. When Kale and Bardon set aside their daily responsibilities to join meech dragons Regidor and Gilda on a quest to find a hidden meech colony, they encounter sinister forces. Their world is under attack by a secret enemy… can they overcome the ominous peril they can’t even see?

Prepare to experience breathtaking adventure and mind-blowing fantasy as never before in this dazzling, beautifully-crafted conclusion to Donita K. Paul’s popular DragonKeeper Chronicles fantasy series.

My Thoughts:
This is a good vs. evil series written from an obvious Christian perspective. Yes, it is fantasy but there are eternal truths within that, sometimes, we all need to be reminded of. Things like finishing the job you said you would. Always looking for the good inside. Not judging by appearances. Search for truth, even in unlikely places. This is in now way a preachy book, it is just a way of life for the characters that can cross over to ours.

I became engrossed in the stories and truly saddened at the end of DragonLight because I did not want the series to end. I have them on my wish list because I know I'll want to re-read these again. And again.

My Rating:
And already I can tell my rating system needs work. The first 4 were library books so I'm going with 5. The 5th book should also be a 5 but I bought it because the library system didn't have it and I've only read it the once so it's a 4.


J. Kaye said...

Wow! Love how you lined up the reviews like this. Those covers are way cool!

Diane said...

These covers are so sharp!!

I laughed when you commented on my blog that you needed "sunscreen" recently. Weather sure is a mystery to me..LOL

fredamans said...

Looks like a great series!!!

You sold me!!!


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