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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thoughts on...Nitt Witt Hill by Sebastian Gibson

Read this book twice.

Once because it's funny as all get out and a second time because there is a grain of truth in each chapter. I had to double check that this is really a novel! This is politics taken to the absurd level and told from a comedians point to view.

You'll laugh at Joe Homeland, he "operates a modest security firm", and his alert about what is really interfering with aircraft navigation and communications equipment. Then you'll cringe when the warning is taken seriously enough for there to be Senate Hearings on the subject.

I'd really love to tell you all the funny jokes and bad puns but I just can't, read this excerpt and you'll see why. There are 54 chapters in this novel and most are around five pages. Just enough to get you to laugh...then hopefully you'll think about it. I don't know if that was the author's intention but this is a timely novel to be reading leading up to elections in the United States.

I'm only at chapter 32 as I write this because I'm having a hard time reading it straight through. I'll read several chapters, think a bit before escaping into real-life or a different book, then come back. to read some more!

Currently at chapter 48 and I really wish there wasn't so much truth in this novel. Non-Americans are going to think Americans are idiots. Maybe we are. to read some more!

LOVE how this ends!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy of this book without any obligation to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of amazon and the author's website

Nitt Witt Hill
by Sebastian Gibson

publisher: Sebastian Gibson Publishing
release date: February 2012
ISBN: 978-0984777624
format: Trade paperback
political humor
248 pages

Grade: B

as for age...I'd say 14+, use your own judgement, this is a political book but I say if they're interested, let them read it.

Product Description:
What's causing the country and now the President to lose their crackers and voters to elect Nitt Witts? Clowns and Turkeys are running Congress and the Nitt Witts are everywhere. But will one more Clown in Congress make any difference? Would the country be better off with some real Turkeys instead of those Clowns? Or are the Nitt Witts destined to run Washington? Set on historic Nitt Witt Ridge in Cambria, California and Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Sebastian Gibson's satire paints the absurdities of the political world and of daily life with his unique sense of humor. The top political parties have degenerated into the Nitt Witts, the Turkeys and the Clown Party and the country is becoming deranged. Unless Mark Twain (Mark, a political consultant and his dog, Twain) can determine what's making people so neurotic and make sense of the madness, riots may cause the country's collapse. The Clowns are running for office with the slogan, "One more Clown in Congress probably won't make any difference." The Turkey candidates are running against the Clowns with their counter slogan, "Isn't it time we had some real Turkeys in office instead of those Clowns?" But it's the Nitt Witt Party who may have the most appeal to voters with their slogan, "Elect a Nitt Witt and see what some real Nitt Witts can do in Washington." Meanwhile, believing a lightweight metal alloy in bras when placed in contact with the wearer's skin is causing electrostatic interference with aircraft navigation equipment and with people themselves, Homeland Security and the Senate take action to prohibit the wearing of bras on airplanes and their sale in America. Still, the situation fails to improve and the country is on the verge of losing its collective mind. With the rhetoric of political parties at a level never seen before ("Turkeys are made for stuffing, Clowns are for Congress") and as protesters riot over the right to wear or go without bras and try to take control of the White House it's up to Mark and his dog Twain to determine the cause of the country's mental imbalance and find a way to save the country. Read the novel that's making Washington laugh so hard, Congress can't accomplish anything. It all begins and ends on Nitt Witt Hill.

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Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Now that looks and sounds like a crazy book! Great review....and great job on finishing a book for the read-a-thon. Is this your first or second read? I hope you're enjoying yourself!

Have you checked out the mini-challenges and giveaways? all the links are at the top of the post section at my blog under the read-a-thon banner. My mini-mini-challenge will be up later this morning. Have fun!

Angie said...

Hello, Angie here from Angels Are Kids and Furkids. I want to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award for all the wonderful reviews and contributions you make to the blogging and writing world. You can see the details at my blog:
Congrats!!! :-)

Also...I LOVE the look of this cover!! Sounds like a good book.


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