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Monday, April 23, 2012

DNF - Edenville Owls by Robert B. Parker

I picked this title for the Spring into Horror read-a-thon based on "There is something evil in the air."

I haven't read any of this author's books, figured if I liked his young adult stuff, there is a chance I'd like his adult stuff. Now I'm not sure.

Just being in middle school is hard enough but this group of boys wants to play basketball, there is no coach and they hitchhike to a lot of their games. Then there is the "just because you say she is your girlfriend doesn't mean she can't be my friend" stuff.

Throw in a strange man and a teacher who "fell down the stairs" and things are getting interesting. The teacher doesn't want the boys to tell anyone what they saw. The man threatened Bobby when he went to check out his car (don't all boys do that?). Except the strange man turns out to be a minister in the next town and he says things to the youth group like...."We were lied to. We were fighting to advance the cause of godless Communism" and calls the President Jewsavelt.

Okay, I can agree that "evil is in the air" but it makes me uncomfortable, I wanted to read some kind of thriller, and since I wasn't really liking the book anyways, I'm giving up.

Description (from author's website):
There is something evil in the air. Fourteen-year-old Bobby senses it. Who is that man he saw arguing with his pretty, new English teacher? And what was the real reason she missed school for days afterward? Bobby knows he should mind his own business, but times are confusing. World War II has just ended and the world is changing. Bobby's world, especially. There's his relationship with Joanie, for one-why does being her friend feel awkward all of a sudden? And then there are his buddies, the junior varsity Edenville Owls-a group of basketball players in need of a leader. Can they help each other off the court as well as they can on it? They will need to. Something evil is in the air.

Book Stats

Title: Edenville Owls
Author: Robert B. Parker
publisher: Philomel
ISBN: 0399246568
(Amazon Standard Identification Number)
date published: April 2007
format: Hardcover
genre: Mystery/Thriller, Teen
pages: 224
ages: Young Adult
Grade: DNF

Challenges it could have counted for:
Spring into Horror RaT
Mystery & Suspense
Criminal Plots
Monthly Mix-up Mania
Spring Reading Thing

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