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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thoughts on...Ancient Awakening by Matthew Bryan Laube

Based on the description, I was looking for a read-with-the-lights-on kind of book. Instead I got something more like the movie The Frighteners. This is definitely a horror novel but not expecting the comedy part was a disservice to the experience.

I did feel for the three main characters, worried about their survival and cheered when they fought.
Ann, worried about her boyfriend searches the hospital looking for him, he's a doctor there. At first because he's not returning calls, then to give him a piece of her mind and finally to save him from the scary stuff she sees. She whines some and also freaks out, who wouldn't, but she also kicks butt.

Mike, single dad and police officer. Witness to the aftermath of a brutal killing that left the wife gutted, a child- ahem, mostly eaten, and the husband missing, sort of. Injured on a call, he ends up at the same hospital Ann is at.

Joseph, a newly awakened demon hunter. Yes, you read that right. Joseph "wakes up" when the seven do, and hunts them down.

There is plenty of blood, beheadings, shots fired and axes used to make this a great horror book. Add in vampires and werewolves and it should be a sure thing.

Only it wasn't for me. Joseph wakes up not knowing where he is or even what year it is. The first thing he does is get hit by a truck. Which puts him the hospital where the demons are. Great, our very existence depends on a man who doesn't know what a TV or car is and has a broken leg. Yes, an immortal that heals quickly can't seem to fix his leg and spends the rest of the book limping and having trouble with stairs.

While it is true I only gave the book a 'C', I am ready to purchase book two because of the ending, there are a few loose ends and a great twist. Now that I know the comedy part exists, I want to know what happens to Ann, Mike and Joseph. Book 2 is available for the kindle.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary review copy of this book without any obligation to write a positive review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of author and Barnes and Noble

Ancient Awakening
by Matthew Bryan Laube

publisher: CreateSpace
format: Trade Paperback
genre: Horror/comedy
234 pages

available for the kindle

Product Description:
Hell comes home to Jersey.
Seven ancient demons known as the Fallen have awakened in New Jersey after a hundred years. Fortunately for Mike and Ann, so has the one man who can stop them, Joseph Miller.
Trapped in a hospital filled with mythical monsters, only together can they unravel the mystery of the Cursed and escape with not only their lives but their very humanity.

This is the cover of my copy and I like it much better than the cover for the second edition.
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