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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Candy and the Cankersaur by Jason Sandberg (#192)

Fun and colorful, playful with a message. I really liked Candy, didn't like the neighbor boy, Chucky (he's not nice but really, Chucky?), wanted to slap the Dad upside the head.

This is a children's book so I am happy to report there was a happy ending.

Candy's dad travels all over the world and always brings home a new toy for her but when she wants to play with her Dad he sends her outside. Chucky pesters his parents for a larger and cooler version of the same toy.
Mister Wellington loved his daughter very much, but he’d forgotten that having fun was more important than having things. He decided Candy needed an amazing, spectacular and fantastic pet for companionship.
Chucky is so jealous of Candy's new pet he sells it to the circus only to realize he just wants her attention. He didn't want to hurt her.

I liked watching Candy train her Cankersaur to be a good pet. I like the lesson her dad and Chucky both learned. The Cankersaur finally learns rule #1 and when he can break it. There is even a lesson for us to learn. Candy decides to train her cankersaur to be a good pet. Too many times the pet comes home and the training doesn't happen.

The quote above is all the words on a page but each page has this many words. I don't believe it will be a quick read for the younger children but the pictures are great and they could make up stories with you.

This is a book I received in exchange for an honest review. The opinion expressed is mine. Book details and synopsis are from the publisher or amazon.

Candy and the Cankersaur
Jason Sandberg
Jason Sandberg June 2012
32 pages

ebook (kindle, nook, kobo and iTunes)
age range: picture book, 4-8?

fiction, dinosaurs
source: author (in exchange for an honest review)

Grade: C
This is the sweet and funny tale of a young girl named Candy and her Cankersaurus Rex! Candy receives a dinosaur as a gift and is determined to train him to be a good pet.

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