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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Romance isn't just for us girls

M/M Romance
Reading Challenge

hosted at Walkabout, sign up here

continued from here

I was going to read ONLY 40 m/m romance books.

Didn't work.

I had 40 read by July 30 and 80 read by Sep 10. Now I'm wondering just how many I'll read for the year. . .

~Books Read~

81. Safe Words by Jodi Payne & Chris Owen 
82. Mistletoe and Submission by Kim Dare 
83. Call Me Sir, Boy! by Kim Dare 
84. Once a Brat by Kim Dare
85. Squeaky Clean by Kim Dare
86. Under One Roof by Diana DeRicci
87. Flack Jacket Love by Sean Michael
88. Handcuffs and Leather by Kim Dare
89. Building Sandcastles by Carol Lynne
90. Packing Leather by Kim Dare
91. With a Kiss by Kim Dare
92. Animal Instincts by Kim Alan
93. Male Seeking Male by Kathleen Lee
94. Mission: X by Kim Alan
95. Quinn's Hart by Cassandra Gold
96. Jaynell's Wolf by Amber Kell
97. Journey to Hope by J.P. Bowie
98. Str8te Boys by Evangeline Anderson
99. Teammates by M. Durango
100. Hunter’s Hunt by Chris T. Kat
101. Pour Me a Triple By Sean Michael
102. Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford
103. Dragon's Heart by Stephani Hecht
104. Bar None, anthology
105. Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz
106. Soldier Mine by Amber Kell
107. Duke Betrayed by Amber Kell
108. Hidden Passions by Emma Holly
109. The Case of the Wicked Wolf by Amber Kell, RJ Scott
110. The Case of the Dragon's Dilemma by Amber Kell, RJ Scott
111. The Case of the Sinful Santa by Amber Kell, RJ Scott
112. Breaking Point by N. R. Walker
113. Flipped by Olivia Brynn
114. Attracting Anthony by Amber Kell
115. Baiting Ben by Amber Kell
116. Trials of Tam by Amber Kell
117. Courting Calvin by Amber Kell
118. Denying Dare by Amber Kell
119. Enticing Elliot by Amber Kell
120. Finding Farro by Amber Kell
121. Getting Gabe by Amber Kell
122. Hunting Henry by Amber Kell
123. Inflaming Inno by Amber Kell
124. Judging Jager by Amber Kell
125. Keeping Kylen by Amber Kell
126. Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson
127. Amethyst Moon by Ann Mayburn
128. Christmas of White by Devon Rhodes
129. Kevin's Alpha by Amber Kell
130. Fences & Freedom by Bailey Bradford
131. Unconventional in Atlanta, Anthology
132. Wicked Gift by Sean Michael
133. Post Traumatic Tendencies by Azza Mitchell
134. Fingerprints and Muddy Feet by Carol Lynne
135. The One that Got Away by TC Blue
136. Falling by M. L. Rhodes
137. Velvet Song by Sean Michael
138. The Night Before Thanksgiving by M. Durango
139. Home for the Hollandaise by Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga
140. Trials of Tam by Amber Kell

~ I have now read 100 books more than I had planned! ~

141. Lessons for Lewis by Amber Kell
142. How I Met Your Father by L. B. Gregg
143. A Little Bite of Magic by M.J. O'Shea
144. A Collar for Christmas by A.E. Lawless
145. Grey's Hidden Fire by Draven St. James
146. Last Chance by Viki Lyn
147. Fire and Mistletoe by Draven St. James
148. Beautiful Disaster by Willa Okati

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i'm not much of a reader (except for too many blogs!) but i always appreciate you stopping in and leaving a comment! thank you!


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