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I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Monthly Mix-up Mania, 2015 Edition

The 2013/15 challenge was completed just in the nick of time. Now I need to do it again!  The goal for this challenge is to read a book for each letter in the year. That's right, a title for the J in January and the A in January, etc.... 74 books total, YIKES! This is a two-year challenge: April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017.

I am hosting but the challenge has it's own blog so posts don't get lost. Why don't you check out the rules and join me?

edit/clean up: Feb 8, 2017: I put all the titles in a spreadsheet and I have duplicates. The good news is that I have time, I think, to read the remaining titles. I still need two E's
J - Journey to Lobster Cove by Carol Lynne (4-5-15)
A - Alex by Sawyer Bennett
N - Not Safe for Work by Michael S. Booker
U - Under the Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis (4-21-15)
A - About a Dragon by A. J. Llewellyn
R - R is for Running by Ray Charbonneau
Y - You Melted Me by Kari Gregg (4-22-15)

F - Fireman's Flame by Stormy Glenn
E - Elder and the Youngest by Joyee Flynn
B - Broken Trust by Sharon Dunn
R - Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
U - Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C.
A - Another Way by Anna Martin
R - Red by Michael Hall
Y - Your Daddy Loves You by Tom Choquette (4-23-15)

M - Myth and Mischief by Gabrielle Evans (4-27-15)
A - Assurance by Alix Bekins
R - Revving It Up by Sean Michael
C - Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen (3-25-15)
H - Here Kitty, Kitty by Joyee Flynn

A - Avoiding Hell's Gate by Joyee Flynn (5-2-15)
P - Poisoned Apple by Katherine McIntyre
R - Riding the Rainbow by Kiernan Kelly
I - I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano
L - Last Chance Summer by Hope Ramsay

M - My Angel Cheetah by Joyee Flynn
A - Aiden's Accidental Beta by Alice Cain (5-8-15)
Y - Yogi and the Bear by Nix Knox

J - Jingle Ball by Cari Quinn
U - An Unlocked Heart by K.C. Wells
N - Needing Noel by Amber Kell
E - Echo Lake by Carla Neggers (4-5-15)

J - Just a Bit Twisted by Alessandra Hazard
U - Unto Us the Time Has Come by Sean Michael
L - Liam's Unexpected Alpha by Alice Cain (5-7-15)
Y - You In My Arms by A. C. Katt (May 2016)

A - Always a Groomsman by Cassandra Gold
U - Under One Roof by Diana DeRicci (3-18-15)
G - Garrett by Sawyer Bennett (4-8-15)
U - Unconventional in San Diego anthology (Apr 2016)
S - Shuffle of Angel's Feet by T. A. Chase (4-7-15)
T - Turn the Other Cheek by Chris Owen (3-26-15)

S - Squeak and a Roar by Joyee Flynn (4-20-15)
E - Edric by Joyee Flynn
P - Purrfect Protector by SA Welsh
T - Temple's Touch by Amber Kell (4-9-15)
E - Ever the Same by BA Tortuga
M - My Little Kitty by Joyee Flynn
B - Bite My Cookies by Joyee Flynn (5-4-15)
E - Eternal Circle by Victoria Sue
R - Rescued by Bailey Bradford

O - Orion's Circle by Victoria Sue
C - Captured Innocence by Kennedy Layne (3-27-15)
T - To Catch His Mate by J. D. Walker
O - Omega's Kiss by Aiden Bates
B - Bewitched at the Pumpkin Patch by Jackie Nacht
E - Ex's and O's by Bailey Bradford
R - Rory's Last Chance by Bailey Bradford

N - Not His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe
O - Of Love by Sean Michael
V - Velvet Dragon by Sean Michael (4-23-15)
E - En Fuego by Shae Connor
M - Make Me Soar by K.C. Wells
B - Broken Circle by Victoria Sue
E - Elder and the Youngest by Joyee Flynn (2-9-17)
R - Road Home, by Elsa Winters, Brad Vance

D - Drawn to the Land by Elizabeth J. Cockey & Barton M. Cockey
E - En Fuego by Shae Connor (2-10-17)
C - A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi
E - Escape by Aiden Bates (6-8-16)
M - The Mountain Man's Mate by Charlie Richards
B - Bitter Taffy by Amy Lane
E - Eyes Only for Me by Andrew Grey
R - Riding the Rainbow by Kiernan Kelly

~ Challenge Complete ~

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