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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

RC: To Be Read

Challenge #1

The TBR Triple Dog Dare
January - March

 hosted at James Read books
for more information or to sign up, click here

Basically read the books you already own. You can still buy new books, just don't read them yet! Exceptions can be made for book clubs, ARCs, etc.

I don't think I even made it through January but I'm going for all three months and will make exceptions for ebooks, new releases, and ARCs.

Challenge #2
Mount TBR Reading Challenge

hosted by Bev at My Reader's Block, for more information or to sign up, click here

Basically, read the books you already own, in the format that you primarily read from. I read print and ebooks so an audio book wouldn't count for this. Library books do not count. Re-reads are a special circumstance - check the sign up page. Books must be purchased prior to 2016, I need to ask about pre-orders. ;-)  There are several levels but I'm going for Mount Blanc and hope to read 24 books. I've got so many books on my TBR pile I'm not going to try to list any of them, I really should go for Mount Olympus (Mars) and read 150+!  All books, purchased or gifts, count. Not sure about review books but they were given to me and I do own them now. . .

Challenge #3
 TBR Pile

hosted at Bookish Lifestyle
for more information or to sign up, click here

There are several levels, any format, any genre, any length, as long as they aren't 2016's. Reviews too! I'm going for 1-10 books and a Firm Handshake!

Challenge #4
Read My Own Damn Books

hosted at Estella's Revenge
for more information or to sign up, click here


She's got 210 unread print books at her house and wants to read 100 of them. I'm not sure I want to know how many are in my TBR pile!

Challenge #5
Shelf Love Challenge

hosted at Second Run Reviews, Chapter Break, and Bookworm Brandee
for more information or to sign up, click here


Read the books that are currently in your person library. Library (and textbooks) don't count unless you're getting a different format of a book on your shelf. There are several levels and I'm going for . . .
pat your shelves on the back
. . . . and hope to read 11-20 books.

I'm going to include any book, arc too, that has been on my tbr pile before January 1st. For the first week of the year, I read NONE of them. sigh I also got two new books in the mail and purchased several ebooks. This is why my TBR pile doesn't get any smaller. With so many challenges, I should be able to get one of them completed!

~ Books Read ~

  1. How to Walk Like a Man by Eli Easton 
  2. Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery
~ Review Links ~

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Bev Hankins said...

Welcome to the 2016 Mount TBR climb! I've loosened the rules on Review copies (they weren't allowed in previous years)--if they're staring at you from the stacks, feel free to count them for Mount TBR.

Julie S said...

Welcome to shelf love 2016:)


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