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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Trip to the Library

I returned:
Hooked on Murder (unread)
cozy mystery, crochet group, bookstore, thought it would be perfect. Nope. This is one I had purchased and returned because I couldn't stand the main character. Still couldn't. Maybe it was my mood, maybe it was comparing it to other cozy mystery/yarn books. I don't know but I've got too many other books to read to take the time on this one.

After Etan reviewed
Death by Cashmere reviewed

I picked up:
Thai Die
The Magical Christmas Cat

I still have:
The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club
I may give up on this one, if I do, I'll let you know why

Ready for me to pick up:
Step by Step
Desperate Passages

I purchased from Friends of the Library:
Ride a Painted Pony by Kathleen Eagle
I've read other books by her and the back sounded interesting

Earthseed by Pamela Sargent
Sounds like a futuristic Lord of the Flies

The Christmas Thief by Mary Higgins Clark & Carol Higgins Clark
I may have this one but I'm not sure

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