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I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tangents?

Florinda asked some interesting questions today on her 10 items of less post.

But I'm now leaning toward "Tuesday Tangents" as an official title for these mental meanderings, because if I ever decide to make this a recurring feature, I like the sound of it - and it's a pretty accurate description. What do you think: do you like it, hate it, not care, or have a better idea? If I make a button for it and all that "official" meme-type stuff, would you consider joining in every once in a while?

I like the name Tuesday Tangents. I love doing memes even though I read somewhere that I shouldn't do a lot, I think they meant and do nothing else. I'll join in, twice in a while, if I'm able to write up my post early and maybe link late ;-) I like being about to do that, at one point, I had six weeks of Tuesday Teasers scheduled.

Other questions? SAHM so no, I'm not taking any time off ;-)

Dinner on the 25th? M's siblings and families get together at their parents house after 3 for food, fun and gift exchanges. We draw names so there aren't a lot of gifts but there's always a good time to be had. We do salads and sandwiches. Anything else is just to stressful and we just did that at Thanksgiving.

That's wonderful that Chris will be home for Christmas. My side of the family is all spread out and both of my brothers have grandchildren to visit. I do have a brother-in-law coming for Christmas that we usually only see this time of year so I'm glad he could make it this year. Enjoy your time with Chris & the rest.

Head cook on the 25th? Bite your tongue! M's family did it big for Thanksgiving so we tone it down in December.

What other kinds of things can I tangent about? Well, lets get personal.

I'm bi-polar with a sleep disorder so I'm stressing about finding a doctor that will diagnose the sleep disorder so we can find out how to fix it. Without messing up my bi-polar medication.

I'm overweight and out of shape but hate going to the gym. I use to love it but now it's just a drain on the bank. Oh! and M's had a pay cut to dig that quilt/knife in a little deeper.

I'm having both sets of parents over for dinner on the 28th. We do this every year and every year I wait until the last minute to get everything spic and span so my parents don't say anything. I'm not the main cook but we're having ham & a cheesy hash brown casserole. Green beans? Lettuce or pasta salad. Fruit? Jello? Found a desert but I think it was yours ;-) and I haven't made up my mind about it yet.

The 30th is a church get-together. Just some adults playing games and visiting. Blowing off some steam. A couple of people said thank you when we told them it was after Christmas. One less thing to stress about. Should be fun. We're taking our Wii and Guitar Hero.

The weather is NOT helping. It will be bright and beautiful in the morning and freezing cold later. I do not like winter. No, that's wrong. If it was snowing, I'd own warmer clothes and it would not be raining. I like rain when I can sit in front of the fireplace with a good book and not worry about family & friends out in it. Don't like the cold. Would it be feasible to live in different parts of the world so I could have summer all year round?

And now for something book related....

I have two books I HAVE to review - they're late

I have a tour book I've had too long that I need to finish & review yesterday

I have a second tour book that must be reviewed on the 14th, at least I can say I only received it yesterday.

And you should see my review book list. I've got over 35 (not including tour books) that I want reviewed before the end of June or sooner and that doesn't count the seven that are read but there isn't a review posted.

Once again I've join too many challenges and I think I need to change my 10*10*10 categories before the end of this year if I have any hope of completing it.

And finally, I think this is the first time I'm afraid to start a new book because I may need it for a challenge next year!

Wow, talk about up close & personal. What else would you like to know? Blood type? Bra size? lol

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Florinda said...

You're definitely taking off on some tangents here, aren't you :-)? Thanks for playing along! I've made a Tuesday Tangents button that I'll be posting on my blog shortly - feel free to grab it and use whenever you decide to post!

You sound like you'll be having a pretty busy holiday season, even if you're not in charge of all the cooking :-).

Good luck with the medication thing. It can be such a challenge to get everything working together properly.


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