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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art Books?

I'm one of those people that doesn't understand "art." I like what I like and don't think about it too much. I do have a book to review that uses art to get ideas across so maybe....

How much art needs to be in a book to qualify? Use your best judgment! I've read books I thought would be about art, and they weren't. I've read books I had no idea were about art, but they were. Relax, have fun and enjoy reading!

Well, okay, I'm up for this. I'll sign-up for.....

Curious - Read at least 3 books about art, either fiction or non-fiction.

1. The Art of Meaningful Living (I'll be reading this in March)

2. The Cat, the Quilt and the Corpse (the main character is a fiber artist)

? The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World's Largest Unsolved Art Theft by Ulrich Boser


Eva said...

I did the Art History Challenge last year, not knowing anything about art when I started, and I loved how much I learned! I highly recommend The Story of Art by E.H. Gombirch as a wonderful introduction.

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

I didn't do this one in 2009, but I saw a number of great titles as I read thru the various reviews.

Have fun with the reading challenges you're doing in 2010!

Becca said...

I am doing a similar one to this via Heidenkind's Hideaway blog.


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