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Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for . . . Hunting Henry (m/m erotica - shifter romantic suspense)

Hunting Henry
by Amber Kell

Series: Moon Pack, book 8 
Publisher: Amber Kell Books
Publication Date: June 2013 
Genre: m/m paranormal (shifter romantic suspense) 
65 Pages

format available: 

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Book Blurb
Henry’s painful past had him keeping everyone at a distance. Settling into life in the pack was the only thing keeping him sane. When a broken-hearted wolf with the shape of a human comes seeking sanctuary, Henry can’t resist.

Dakota had never wished to be human. The victim of a mad scientist Dakota had transformed from a happy wolf to a miserable man. Will the big scarred chef be able to make everything all right or will he always long for his four-pawed form.

My Thoughts
Yes, this is book 8 but the prologue does a pretty good job of telling us about the experiments being done on wolf shifters in order to make enough mutants to overthrow the Elven King. And his plans to have the Moon Pack under his thumb. Anthony, mate of the Alpha, will be the figurehead and with the Alpha in his control, Anthony can't do anything about it. No mention of who or what Lorus Korl is but it ends with a mutant saying to a just turned wolf to man.
“Your name is Dakota. Listen to me very carefully. If you want to survive, this is what you’re going have to do…”
Sounds like a little mutiny is afoot. So we have shifters, a mad man, elves, a little dissension in the ranks and we learn this in the first book (it comes up in this one too), a demigod.

Let's get to it!

I remember when I got this. Book 1 in the series was free then I bought book 2 while traveling, then 3, and so on so that I had read books 1 - 11 in 3 days! They're short. There is an underlying story (the mad man and the mutants) but each book concentrates on a couple.

The world these wolves in is varied with Vampires, demigods and shifters living right along side humans. Plus portals between this world and the Fae world where you'll find Trolls and Dragons along with the Fae.

This isn't the book I'd start with but I always seem to have to start at the beginning ;-) I had to wait from November to May for book 11 (which I've read) and the M book just came out this year in January. I haven't bought it yet and now I need to wait until May ;-(

The story of Henry and Dakota is complete but as they're a part of the Moon Pack, we'll see them again. The underlying story of the mad man and the mutants continues with a kidnapping and plans to take a trip to the Fae world. Oh, and a couple of nice surprises and one not so nice.

Disclaimer: This was a private purchase but the review is not written any differently than if I had received a complimentary review copy. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of the author, amazon, and the book itself.

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