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Friday, August 12, 2011

Thoughts on...The Pizza Mystery (Boxcar Children)

Do you remember these books? They've been around forever, the first was published in 1924! Four children run away when the home they are placed in wants to split them up. Eventually, they end up meeting their legal guardian (Grandfather) and discover that he is a nice man.

So in this book, they are on their way home from a vacation and stop at their favorite pizza place only to discover it isn't like it use to be.

Easy to read. Fun to read. Layered so parents can stand to read it "one more time". True, this is a chapter book but I don't see why you can't read it out loud, maybe a chapter a night before bed.

I knew Mr. Irons was bad news by the way he was introduced but didn't realize he would be "the" bad guy in the story, or how things would turn out. I should have, I only remember happy endings.

While I am not the intended market, I still enjoy the adventure.

This is a series and I would recommend reading book 1 first, at the very least. If I remember correctly, each book mentions something from the previous book/adventure but they are all stand-a-lone titles.

The Pizza Mystery
Created by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Albert Whitman & Company
Age Levels: 7-12
Grades: 2-7
Pages: 121

Product Description:
Who is trying very hard to put Piccolo's Pizzeria out of business?

Seriously? One sentence? They must think that everyone is familiar with the Boxcar Children! The whole thing started when a teacher needed books for her class. Books the children wanted to read....
One night, under a full moon, four orphaned children set out on their own and turned an abandoned boxcar into their home. So begins the story of the Boxcar Children, a series of unforgettable, now classic favorites. Originally, Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote 19 stories about the Alden children.

The Pizza Mystery is #33.

As the author wrote the story, she read it to her classes and rewrote it many times so the words were easy to understand. Some of her pupils spoke other languages at home and were just learning English, so The Boxcar Children gave them a fun story that was easy to read. Warner once wrote that the original book "raised a storm of protest from librarians who thought the children were having too good a time without any parental control! That is exactly why children like it!"

This title is available from several sources, in many formats, including paperback, hardcover and electronic. See here: Albert Whitman & Company. My copy is formatted for the kindle.

Disclaimer: This is a title from my personal library. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and may differ from yours. Book information courtesy of the publisher.

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