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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thoughts on...The Tallest of smalls by Max Lucado

Have you ever had "one of those days"? This can range from thoughts of total worthlessness to being just out of sorts but whatever the cause or severity, sometimes we just feel unloved. Remember the poster "God doesn't make junk"? Now expand it. Maria's illustrations are absolutely fabulous and pull you into the village. Max's insight and knowledge of just the right words make this a book you'll want to share with everyone.

There is a religious moral to this story but I've got to tell you that the book is just plain fun. I wish I had a youngster to read it to so I could share their reaction but I didn't think of it in time to borrow one.

The Tallest of smalls
by Max Lucado
illustrated by Maria Monescillo

publisher: Thomas Nelson
November 2009
Jacketed Hardcover
inspirational picture book
32 pages

Product Description:
Pick Me! Pick Me! Little Ollie was certain that he really didn't matter. After all, he was the smallest of Too Smalls. And like all the Too Smalls of Stiltsville, he desperately wanted a pair of stilts. Surely that was what he needed to fit in, to be important. So every evening at six, he pleaded to get picked.

Then for some reason no one quite knows, Ollie was given a pair of stilts. But it wasn't as wonderful as he had expected. Birds used him for a perch. Why didn't he feel any better than he had before?

Then a stumble, a tumble, and just like that Ollie was an outsider once again. That's when he met Jesus and discovered he had always mattered--he had always been loved.

This comforting message from Max Lacado helps young and old alike understand that even if we are small, or don't feel like we fit in, we matter to the only One who matters.

Stilts are hard to walk on anyways but add the pressure of making them so important and having your first try be the performance? What were these people thinking? They don't walk on stilts all the time, just for a while at six o'clock everyday. The rest of the time, they seem to be sneaking around taking notes on who to give the privilege to the next time.

Now pick up a copy; then take the clock off the wall ;-)

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