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Friday, June 7, 2013

Finished Reading . . . #68: The Gift of Running (Non-fiction/clean)

The Gift of Running
a book for runners & future runners
Dr. P. Mark Taylor

Wise Running Publications (self published)
July 2012
196 pages
ebook (paperback too)
Age range: 10+?
anyone who needs a little encouragement to start and is able to read at this level.
non-fiction, sports/running
source: private library

Grade: B (better yet, buy them their own copy)

Running is a gift, but not only for the gifted. Whether you run just for fun or want to become a more competitive runner, The Gift of Running is for you. In The Gift of Running, P. Mark Taylor shows runners how to get started and stay motivated. The book includes: advice on how to get started as a runner, tried & true methods of running faster and longer, how to prepare for a marathon, tips on staying healthy & happy, motivation to keep you running, an insider view of the running community, & training programs for a 5K, 10K, half marathon, & marathon.

P. Mark Taylor is a runner & author of the blog at

This is not really anything new and Mark acknowledges this himself. The thing is, instead of reading many books to find the information, Mark has gathered it in one place and added his personal experiences. One piece of info I found on my own by fluke, he mentions three times!

This really is a good starting point. Read it clear through like a novel then read it again with a highlighter or notepad handy!

There is lots of good advice, so much that I can't pick my favorite but I do have two. 1) Buy your first pair of running shoes at a running store. The employees are runners and they know what questions to ask you to help you get the best shoes for you. 2) It doesn't matter what you look like, how far you go, or how fast you are. . . that first "bouncy step" makes you a runner.

I love that he explains things so well, there are tips for your first marathon as well as your first steps out the door. 

I actually paid full price for the kindle version and am pleased with my purchase.

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1 comment:

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I really enjoy books on running as a "want to be runner". Looks like one I should be looking for.


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