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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Monday . . . on Sunday

Mailbox Monday is the gathering place for readers to share the books that came in their mailbox during the last week.

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles and humongous wish lists.

Don't forget to link up your list

~ here are the new books in my house this week ~

Catacombs: A Tale of the Barque Cats
by Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Barque Cats, 2010, trade size paperback

The spacefaring Barque Cats are valued members of every vessel’s crew, thanks to their special bond with humans. Then Pshaw-Ra, a mysterious cat with highly advanced knowledge, gives the felines the power of telepathy. When panic over a virulent plague drives the government to exterminate animals, Pshaw-Ra guides the cats and humans of the starship Ranzo to safety on his home planet, Mau. But Pshaw-Ra has a hidden agenda. His ultimate goal? Mate the Barque Cats with their godlike counterparts who rule on Mau and create a superior race to conquer the universe. His plans, however, may be doomed by his daughters’ battle royal to become queen, by a suspicious Barque Cat with an equally curious human friend—and by something stirring deep beneath the city with a hunger to devour all life . . . and an undying hatred for cats.

The Christmas Cat, anthology
1996, mass market paperback

Four heartwarming tales of Christmas cheer--and cats who play Cupid!

In Julie Beard's "My True Love Gave to Me", a woman spends Christmas Eve searching for her black cat and finds a tall dark knight

Jo Beverley's "A Gift of Light" tells of a tenacious tom courting a fiery feline at Christmas, as his master and her mistress follow suit

Barbara Bretton's "Home for the Holidays" finds college sweethearts almost breaking up on Christmas Eve, but their wise old cat gets in the way.

And, Lynn Kurland's "The Gift of Christmas Past" in which a feline guardian angel has to pull his mistress back in time to a Christmas Eve long ago where she finds her own true love.

Shall I Knit You a Hat? by Kate Klise
illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
picture book, 2007, paperback

To protect his ears form the cold and snow, Mother Rabbit knits Little Rabbit a hat. He love his hat so much, he and his mother make them for all of his friends.

Knitty Kitty by David Elliott
illustrated by Christopher Denise
picture book, 2008

What is she knitting? Something to keep three kittens toasty, of course. But when those kittens get into mischief, what will keep them warm and snug? Knitty Kitty has the answer!

The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide,
translated by Eric Selland

A couple in their thirties live in a small rented cottage in a quiet part of Tokyo; they work at home, freelance copy-editing; they no longer have very much to say to one another. But one day a cat invites itself into their small kitchen. It leaves, but the next day comes again, and then again and again. Soon they are buying treats for the cat and enjoying talks about the animal and all its little ways. Life suddenly seems to have more promise for the husband and wife — the days have more light and color. The novel brims with new small joys and many moments of staggering poetic beauty, but then something happens….

Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women's Fitness
by Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark
2013, paperback

This quick and easy program will save you time, money, and maybe your life. In less than thirty minutes, three times a week—and with no machinery or weights—you can achieve the toned arms, flatter abs, tighter buns, and killer legs you’ve always wanted. You won’t build bulk, you’ll build strength, and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.


I haven't received any review books, won any contests or received any books as a gift. I have added several to my ereader, most were even free.

added to my ereader: (kindle app, html, etc.) ~ I find out about free/discounted ebooks at amazon mostly from Pixel of Ink. I do go through the Top 100 at amazon once in a while. I'm getting better at pinning my new ebooks, 2014's books

What are you Reading?

A weekly Monday meme hosted by Shelia at Book Journey. Post what you read last week and what you're planning to read this week then link to Shelia's post. Then visit others and be prepared to add to your TBR pile!

Dominate Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Feel Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Ride Me by Jambrea Jo Jones (very short)
Remove the Empty Spaces by T. A. Chase
Close the Distance by T. A. Chase
The Perfect Balance by Trina Lane
The Perfect Union by Trina Lane
His Perfect Partner by Trina Lane
A Pint Light by Devon Rhodes (very short)
Through the Red Door by Devon Rhodes
Locke, Stock and Barrel by Devon Rhodes
Capturing Perfection by Trina Lane
Simply Perfection by Trina Lane
Rory's Last Chance by Bailey Bradford
Miles to Go by Bailey Bradford
Bend by Bailey Bradford
What Matters Most by Bailey Bradford
Ex's & O's by Bailey Bradford
A Bit of Me by Bailey Bradford
Shall I Knit You a Hat? by Kate Klise
Knitty Kitty by David Elliott

Books stacked by my reading chair:
The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber
Burning Up anthology (252/343)- returned to library, one story short of finished
The Hot Zone by Richard Preston
A Bit of You by Bailey Bradford
. . . and about 6 unread library books

Started in 2013 but not finished until 2014:
What the Duke Desires by Sabrina Jeffries (on page . . .)
Pegasus by Kate O'Hearn (on page 44/384)
Dragonwriter edited by Todd McCaffrey (on page 42/271)
Mischief and Mistletoe, anthology (on page 312/402)
Jockeys and Jewels by Bev Pettersen (ebook - 21% read in 2013)
Home for the Homicide by Jennie Bentley (on page 18/284 + Home-Renovation and Design Tips)

Happy Reading!

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Becca said...

Did you finish all those books this week or this month??

M.C.V. EGAN said...

GREAT blog, fun and busy but could not find #AtoZchallenge ☮Peace ☮ ღ ONE ℒℴνℯ ღ ☼ Light ☼ visiting from

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Enjoy your new books!

Unknown said...

Your new books look like they will be a lot of fun (except maybe the work out one - that looks like work!) Have a great week.

bermudaonion said...

You almost had a cat theme going on!

Kathy Martin said...

What a lot of new cat books. You got an amazing amount of reading done this week too. Come see what I read last week. Happy reading!

Serena said...

That's a lot of Cat books, but The Guest Cat looks great.

Vicki said...

You sure must love cats, enjoy your books!

Body By You looks interesting.

The Reading Date said...

Enjoy your new Cat books and have a great week!


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