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I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for . . .

and Reviews!

The water is about 2 inches deep at this point. There are no rocks. The water comes in two different directions so the sand is rippled. It was very fun to run on.

Forgot to add Racing to my R's.

This is me and my daughter (and a race coordinator), it is my second time doing this race. It is small in number but large in enthusiasm. We both did the 5k (3.1 miles and yes, the .1 is very important)

The race uses the bike path along the beach but doesn't close it to the public so we were dodging other runners, skaters and bikes!

I think this was race number 16 since I started doing 5ks.

This time it was a "color run". Did you guess that? My husband did this one with me.

Don't let all this racing fool you. I run about a fast as a turtle going uphill through molasses (someone has a t-shirt but I couldn't find it). I'm much faster as a walker.

Most of my running is done on one of these (or in place at the house). Usually at this specific gym location. My daughter and I were getting together once a week to run/shop/eat but she's had so many things going on after work that we haven't gotten together for a couple of months.

just a random guy on break, we were in the drive-up

This is the house we stayed in at the beach (top picture). I love when this happens. The empty couch is where I was reading, the other two guys are my husband and son.

This happened at Yosemite too only my daughter was with us. I just don't know where the picture is. Mostly likely taken with a film camera.

A look at the books waiting to be read and reviewed. This isn't even current!


I'm such a mood reader and if I'm not in the mood the reviews are lousy so I wait. And forget about them.

Once I get one of the bedrooms better organized (more shelves!), I'll be able to actually see what I have and able to get to them easier.

and a funny . . .
or in my case. . . bookcases!

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Mark Baker said...

I have a to be read mountain range. :)

I'm a runner, too, but a slow and steady runner. I'll never win any awards, but I finish, and that's the important thing. So good for you.

And yes, that .1 is all important.

Joy V. Smith said...

Oh, wow! A TBR bookcase!!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

OMG I am dying over that last meme card. How funny and true! I'm totally gonna have to steal that.

I've not seen a color run. That's so fun!


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