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Just a heads up that I'm going dark for several weeks. I may still update posts/challenges but there will be no new content, not even Thursdays.

My Mom died and I'm taking each day as it comes, plus helping my Dad go through her stuff.

Jan 16 update: Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, is in the hospital for bypass surgery

Feb 19 update: MIL is home now :-D and slowly getting better. I'm still helping my Dad with Mom's stuff but since my brother is out of town, I'm spending 4 nights at his house every week for a month. It's MUCH closer to Dad's and they do meals together and hang out.

Mar 8 update: I'm having a blast with my Dad. MIL has gone back to the hospital

Mar 29 update: MIL is home but not doing well.

Apr 9 update: SIL is nurse and has taken time off work to care for MIL who is basically receiving hospice care at home.

I'll see you in May . . . April 23 update: My Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, died yesterday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N is for . . .


I need to start by saying O is for organization, as in how I organize my ebooks. Instead of making a long post longer, I broke off before posting numbers. Then looked.

After picking up my jaw, I decided I might as well share. . .

Dang, I just had to look! Amazon has a "top 100 free ebooks" and I make use of this feature a lot! So even though there are over 7,000 books in my amazon cloud, there are more free ones then ones I paid for.


This doesn't include ebooks that aren't kindle formatted. I have a bunch that are Palm Docs as well as pdf and html.

As far as print? Did you see my L post? I have almost 3,000 books in my LibraryThing database and this doesn't include the ones on bookshelves at home or in boxes in the garage!

Yeah, I've got a few books to read.


I've looked at so many smoothie recipes this month that they're all blurring together. I threw some stuff in a blender Monday night and my son and I both liked it. Sorry, no picture.

6 oz vanilla yogurt
6 oz coconut milk (used yogurt container)
1/2 cup+ crushed pineapple
1 banana
2 scoops protein powder
lots of ice

I only used 12 cubes and it is a bit thin, not slushy like my other ones. We think it was the pineapple - it was juicy. By the amount we had in our glasses plus the two in the freezer, I'd say this made 5+ cups of smoothie.

Not sure how the freezer ones will turn out but I'm thinking because of the yogurt, it would make great pops!

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Finley Jayne said...

Dang! My tbr list of 250 books doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore, lol.

Herding Cats - Burning Soup said...

Yeah my numbers are pretty darn close to yours. lol I do freebie posts to the blog's FB page every week and usually end up getting...all of them. Cuz you just never know! Heh.


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