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Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for

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C is for Cats
I am currently owned by two cats. I took a recent picture with them in their favorite spot, my lap, but it didn't come out and now they refuse to get in my lap for another picture! Here are a couple of older ones.
This is sneakers

This is Frisky, and her mouse
They are siblings and about 14 years old. I learned several things between these two and the last cat who lived here. These cats don't like most people and Sneakers will actually run upstairs when the doorbell rings. The also don't like dogs. Our other cat loved people and was fine with dogs.

The difference was that when we got our first cat, a week later we had an extended family party and Grandma brought her dog Buster (she asked first). Two weeks after we got these cats we went on vacation and our annual party wasn't for NINE months. One top of that, the cat Mom didn't respond well when Grandma came by with Buster and we didn't think to have the dog come by after the cat Mom was gone.

This one is for a nephew's new baby

C is also for Crochet
One of our local hospital's maternity ICU takes baby pictures with donated blankets and sends the blanket home with the paperwork.
Sometimes that's all that gets to go home.

There are guidelines about size and color but think how some of these parents must feel with just a picture, a blanket, and a gravestone.

Please, if you crochet (or knit) talk to your local hospital and see if they do this.

I've made several for the ICU and certainly need to get back to it but I've also made a blanket for the first child of each niece/nephew on my husband's side. Plus a couple of other ones. I'm not really good yet so my pattern isn't complicated and I can watch television while working on a blanket.

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Anonymous said...

I have never had cats, but kept other pets.. we do get to know living with them, their habits and routines.. :) I need to get back to making the needles too, it has been longs since I have been thinking of doing it, you can.. I may end up with more holes in the blanket by watching tv

Anonymous said...

Cute kitties! Our last cat didn't really like people much either.


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