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Just a heads up that I'm going dark for several weeks. I may still update posts/challenges but there will be no new content, not even Thursdays.

My Mom died and I'm taking each day as it comes, plus helping my Dad go through her stuff.

Jan 16 update: Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, is in the hospital for bypass surgery

Feb 19 update: MIL is home now :-D and slowly getting better. I'm still helping my Dad with Mom's stuff but since my brother is out of town, I'm spending 4 nights at his house every week for a month. It's MUCH closer to Dad's and they do meals together and hang out.

Mar 8 update: I'm having a blast with my Dad. MIL has gone back to the hospital

Mar 29 update: MIL is home but not doing well.

Apr 9 update: SIL is nurse and has taken time off work to care for MIL who is basically receiving hospice care at home.

I'll see you in May . . . April 23 update: My Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, died yesterday.

Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for

Blogging from A to Z
April Challenge

hosted here

G is for Gina . . . that's me!

We bought new furniture last summer. My favorite color is purple but the chair wasn't comfortable enough to read in so we didn't get it, despite it's name. The Gina Collection ;-) 

edit: Mom wanted to name me Gigi but was afraid of everyone calling me guy-guy so named me Gina Gaye so she could call me Gigi. Guess what? She called me Gina Lollobrigida and Gina Marina a LOT but not Gigi. Go figure.

I'm married (30 years), have two kids and two cats. I'm a SAHM but did lots of volunteering at the kid's elementary school and still volunteer at church. I'm a runner. Slower than molasses going uphill but still a runner ;-)

I used to say I'd read almost anything but since blogging I've discovered all kinds of sub-genres that I have no interest in reading more of. Picture books are still a favorite and I've continued to purchase them for myself now that the kids are older. Suspense and Thrillers are okay but I need a really good reason to read straight horror now. It also works for movies, as I like movies that have explosions but don't like to watch the commercials for movies like Saw. - end edit

And apparently, I'm a meme. Well, not an actual picture of me, the meme is called "Good Girl Gina".
per Know Your Meme "Good Girl Gina is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photograph of a smiling girl and various captions portraying the subject as a considerate and sometimes overly compliant girlfriend. The character can be seen as the anthesis of Scumbag Stacy."

Here's the picture with no words
Here's a couple of the memes

 Now that that's out of the way, here's a birthday meme I found when I googled "Gina meme". It is also my birthday month :-)

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J Lenni Dorner said...

J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassador Team.
How has the first week of the challenge been for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs?
My blog has a giveaway with bonus a to z challenges to encourage people to visit more stops.
Congratulations on being a meme. Yup, a chair has to be good to sit in or it isn't worth it.

LuAnn Braley said...

Wow Gina, I didn't know we had internet stars on the #atozchallenge! :O) My favorite color is purple too! Did you ever find a comfortable reading chair?

LuAnn (approx #369 on the list) @ Back Porchervations.
(and one of co-host AJ Lauer's #wHooligans)


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