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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for

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April Challenge

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V is for Virtual Racing
Running because I needed something to talk about besides reading. Virtual running for medals.

Most races I've been to don't hand out finisher medals so when I found out about virtual races I was ecstatic! Then it became so easy to sign up and get a medal that I wasn't always doing the mileage!

The bare bones of my running: I actually walk faster than I run and since I'm diabetic I have to be careful of time and speed. I also love to race! I sometimes race where I show up in person and sometimes I do virtual races where I run, walk, skip, or crawl, where ever and when ever. There is usually a time frame like a certain day week or even month.

I'm Currently signed up for FOUR virtual races. A nerdy race series that is Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter related. Also a year long race to get in 2,016 miles. Yup, all by myself!

This month I'm running in Hollywood! (this was my H post)

And what the full post looked like with a little duplication!

It started off easy enough, I needed to lose weight (still do) and found someone online who would exercise with me. We met weekly and one day she shows up with a flyer for a local 5k race. Yeah! We did 14 (physical) races that year. We never actually ran the whole thing and almost always came in last but boy did we have fun! 

I've learned a lot since then so I think I'll finally be able to lose the weight. I've got to get my medication straightened out before I can get faster. You see, by summer I'll be doing 55+ miles weeks because I discovered virtual racing.  Doing that many miles fast, at this time, messes with my numbers.

Virtual Racing: sign up and pay your race fee. Run as fast as you like, any where you like, covering the distance - even if you do it in smaller chunks. Some races send you a racing bib, some send you a file you can print as a racing bib. Most send you a medal. Yea! I race for Bling! And sometimes charities too.

Current virtual race: Run the Year. Yeah, I've PAID to run 2,016 miles this year all by myself. whew. There's still time to sign up and you can do it with a team of two or three if you don't want to do it by yourself.

I've also signed up for Nerd Herd Running's race series, it is a fund raiser for Stupid Cancer. There will be three races, all with medals. Star Wars, Dr. Who, and Harry Potter related bling and since I signed up for all three there will be a fourth medal/plaque.

I'm not just racing by myself. I also sign up for races where I have to show up in person ;-) last summer it was a pirate theme race at the beach, this month is Hollywood themed.

Last physical race: Hollywood Half Marathon. I'll be running the 5k along Hollywood Blvd, the starting line is near the Dolby Theatre. I thought it said we could dress up like we're going to a Red Carpet event and bought a fancy dress I could run in (thrift store). What it really said was to dress up like your favorite celebrity! Opps ;-)

Look familiar? I didn't realize I had scheduled an R post and typed one up. *shrug*  Wasn't this better than vacation pictures?

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Red said...

Good for you getting healthy. A friend of mine was diagnosed diabetic, but couldn't really afford what she had to spend on medicines, fixed her diet and started walking. Within months she was off insulin.

I did 5 5Ks last year - walking almost all of the way. This year I have three for sure. I try to sign up for fun runs - Shamrock 5K Beer Run, Color Run, Black Light Run, Bubble Run... you know, the ones with a gimmick. Plus, of course, some charities mixed in!
Enjoyed this post.


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