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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for

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D is for Disneyland
This one will have a lot of pictures to go with way too many words, I hope the format comes out right!

My husband surprised me with Disneyland passes last summer. We've had them before but it had been a while. We were talking about getting passes for Knott's Berry Farm but Disneyland is celebrating their 60th Anniversary and it was our 30th so . . . 365 Days of Disneyland! All our other passes had blackout days but this time we got the first tier because we had family coming from out of town that summer and wanted to be able to go with them.

We haven't gone every day but that would be fun to try, especially if I was going to blog about it, but so far we've averaged once a week. We'll be missing this week :-( because our race Saturday has a start time of 6 am! huh, maybe we'll go after we race like we did after the Pirate Run last summer.

I'm certainly not going to post pictures from each visit but I do have a lot. Let's start with dinner.

We usually head to Downtown Disney for dinner at La Brea Bakery. They have the same bread bowls that are inside the park but a lot more seating is available.

I don't wait in line for all the characters but I try to take their picture. Mostly they come out okay. One time it was extra crowded so we went around the back side of Dumbo to skip past the crowds but ran into Snow White, the line was short.

This day was great! There were tons of people so we didn't do a lot of rides but both of us enjoyed people watching. Lot of people were dressed up for Dapper Days (I got pictures of them too)

There were places you could get your picture taken with a blown up original ride ticket.

There were cupcakes and the cast members were high fiving adults! That rarely happens.

Disneyland is all about "happiest place on earth" so everyone is happy happy but I found two of the few characters that can be less than nice and these guys are total jerks!

Kylo Ren is kind of a jerk but Thor makes up for it. And I've heard that the Evil Queen can be a jerk also.

The paddle boat was docked and my husband wanted to see the wheelhouse. I was waiting downstairs (with a book!) when people lined up for Tiana. One of the few Disney movies we haven't seen. Not only was she nice like all the other Princesses, I had pictures taken with the "evil Dr. Facilier" and he was nice.

I like to take a picture of where we park. My husband can just remember. The one time he forgot where we had parked, I had also forgotten to take a picture. grrr We were one floor off. I'm just glad we parked near the stairs.

I like to walk to the park enterance instead of waiting for the tram. Sometimes we'll walk through Downtown Disney as that's the longer way. Sometimes we'll catch the Monorail at the Downtown Disney station and ride to the Tomorrowland station. It cuts down on how far we get to walk but it gets us to the Star Tours and Hyper Space Mountain rides a lot sooner! Especially if we're looking for a Fast Pass

There are several rides closed, the railroad being one of them, for the construction of a new area for Star Wars. The nice thing about it is that we were able to cross the tracks at the New Orleans station and wonder around back there. Somewhat anyways. There were train crew there to answer questions and you could get your picture taken. It was nice.

Also closed is The Rivers of America, there is water but the back loop is dammed off. The paddle boat is sometimes out but the Pirate Ship is in dry dock. The island will lose some land and the river will be shortened but they'll all be coming back. The sad part is that Fantasmic is closed too. If you're careful, you can see construction on Gadget's Go Coaster and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rides.

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Pat Hatt said...

So much to see and the evil queen being a jerk? Who knew lol

Janet said...

I wanted to go last year for the 60th since I turned 60 too but fortune did not allow it for many reasons. Maybe we'll make it for 65! The last time I was there we both turned 45 so it's been a while. Love that place! Thanks for sharing.


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