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Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for

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April Challenge

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I is for Injury
My women's church group was having a First Aid demonstration at one of their month meetings. There was also a display of what you can do with emergency food storage. One of the ladies had made bread with stored wheat and it was available for eating. The bread was fantastic but her knife was way sharper than mine at home and I sliced my thumb. I have pictures at the end of the post.

Now I also had jury duty that week and we had several outings planned for a staycation. I was so worried about scaring and making sure there was no infection that I babied my thumb like you wouldn't believe! Luckily it was my left hand as I'm right handed but I was still bumping it all day a jury duty and left blood smears on my notes. :-( I stopped at a urgent care cent on the way home. It was too late to get stitches but I should have so I got a wrist brace to help me remember to be careful. Instead of keeping my thumb free, I kept it braced next to a finger and stopped bumping it while writing.

Vacation was fun. I didn't use the brace but was extra careful when washing my hand and carried extra supplies so I could wrap it with dry bandages. Sure the family laughed and teased a little but paused when I needed to and weren't mean about it.

The fun thing is that there is NO lose of feeling in the tip of my thumb and NO scar. Even knowing exactly where I was cut, I can't find evidence.

Okay, now for a picture. I should have taken one of the pad of my thumb :-( as the cut went from my fingernail to half way across the back of my thumb! I'm serious, 3/4 of the tip of my thumb was sliced!

(extra space just in case but the picture isn't too bad as it is a couple of days after the cut) - sorry it's blurry!

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