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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Weirdness

Turns out I've been blogging a lot longer than I thought! I have more than one email and found blogs connected to some of them. I'd like to clean things up but they aren't book related so what am I supposed to do? :-) I'm hoping to find something to tie the weirdness together as a header. . . for now, you'll be reading this over and over and over . . . this one is from Jun 2009.

back story: I started a blog, Crafty Book Dragon, because I really do do more than read. I have a friend who works at a semi-local hospital (QV) in the baby ICU. The idea is to make a small size blanket for pictures that the parents can take home. Sometimes all they get is a blanket, picture and paperwork.

On to the post. . . .

My First Blanket . . . and the aftermath

My first blanket for QV. I used baby yarn, a small-sized hook and a single crochet stitch. Small, small, small and it was taking FOREVER! And to top it off, I made it longer then necessary. This picture has one full skein plus the start of another. I bought four skeins and it was looking like I would need another & maybe two on top of that. Dang, this yarn was expensive and I just didn't want to do it.

Enter baby soft but Thicker Yarn and his friend, Bigger Hook. Also entering the picture at this time is Bigger Stitch. I grabbed a new skein and started crocheting the two together. NICE!

sigh, except I over estimated the thin yarn and made my new blanket too long, again! This was my only skein of baby soft Thicker Yarn so I took the blanket apart.....

This is not a great picture, but you can see the blanket on the end of the couch and a pile of yarn on the floor. What you can't see is the ball of yarn that was the other skein and the light fixture I'm using to separate the two.

For a while, Sneakers sat on the floor watching the yarn move and the pile grow...

But finally decided that it wasn't worth the wrath of "she who gives me treats" to mess with it. He still watched, just didn't threaten!

I'm on the third skein of the thin baby yarn (made it too long again!) but adding a second skein of thicker yarn should get me TWO blankets!

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