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Just a heads up that I'm going dark for several weeks. I may still update posts/challenges but there will be no new content, not even Thursdays.

My Mom died and I'm taking each day as it comes, plus helping my Dad go through her stuff.

Jan 16 update: Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, is in the hospital for bypass surgery

Feb 19 update: MIL is home now :-D and slowly getting better. I'm still helping my Dad with Mom's stuff but since my brother is out of town, I'm spending 4 nights at his house every week for a month. It's MUCH closer to Dad's and they do meals together and hang out.

Mar 8 update: I'm having a blast with my Dad. MIL has gone back to the hospital

Mar 29 update: MIL is home but not doing well.

Apr 9 update: SIL is nurse and has taken time off work to care for MIL who is basically receiving hospice care at home.

I'll see you in May . . . April 23 update: My Mother-in-law, who I call Mom, died yesterday.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Genre Variety Reading Challenge

A Daydreamer has a challenge that will go great with my Genre/Sub-Genre challenge. . .

Genre Variety
Reading Challenge

hosted by Faye at Daydreamer's thoughts

Sign- up here

The challenge is to read a large variety of genres within one year.

Other Important Info:
  • Runs from January 1st 2013 until December 31st 2013. Sign ups will be open until December 1st 2013.
  • There are five levels to challenge yourself too. You may move up a level but not go down a level. These are all outlined below. Please mention in your sign up post which level you will aim for.
  • The genres you choose to read are up to you. As long as every book is different, whichever genre you wish to read you can.
  • Every month there will be a post on this blog to link up to your update post / review(s)
  • There will be a giveaway at the end of the challenge, and maybe a few within the year but these are TBD.
  • To sign up, you will need to write a post saying which level you are challenging yourself too and then use the linky list. Non-Bloggers may post in the comments of this post.
  • Any book formats are accepted.
  • Novellas and Novels are all accepted for this challenge.
  • YA, NA and Adult books all count towards this challenge.
  • New sub-genres are accepted. (for example, paranormal-romance, or historical-romance)

  • Careful: 6 different genres, 6 books
  • Cautious: 12 different genres, 12 books
  • Branching: 18 different genres, 18 books
  • Avid Reader: 24 different genres, 24 books
  • Champion: 30 different genres, 30 books
I'm going for Careful and will read 6 books of different genres. Crossing my fingers that I go up a level.

Categories listed on challenge post and the books I've read

Contemporary - One Day in Apple Grove by C. H. Admirand
Historical - The Lady Risks All by Stephanie Laurens
Paranormal - Son of Death by Nikki McCoy
Fantasy - Frozen Prospects by Dean Murray
Romance - A Fool's Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery
Thriller - Black List by Brad Thor
Non-Fiction - It's Not Easy Being Green by Jim Henson
Women’s Fiction (possibility: Reflection Point by Emily March)
Epic Fantasy
Fairy Tales - The Extra-Ordinary Princess by Carolyn Q. Ebbitt
Erotica  - Wicked Gift by Sean Michael
Short Stories
Travel Guides
Mystery - That Old Flame of Mine by J. J. Cook
Suspense - When You Dare by Lori Foster

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