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I've been gone a while. I started reading fanfiction to escape and I got sucked in an abyss.

I have no idea if someone else is hosting similar challenges. I just grabbed some of what I have hosted before.

Here's to a happy year of great reading
Jan2023: Not much has changed. Writing a fanfiction now O_o as well as reading but I bought 7 new books in December and hope to get those read soon. Crossing fingers about adding challenges (late!)

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hosting ebook challenge

Reading Challenge

Hosted here at Book Dragon's Lair!

I'm a HUGE fan of ebooks and as Annette wasn't able to do the challenge this year, she let me have it! Thanks Annette, for letting me take over.

There are a couple of hard rules, one just for general courtesy, several guidelines and six levels.

Hard Rules
  • All books counted must be electronic - I don't care if they're kindle, pdf, nook, etc.
  • The ebook in question must have an ISBN or equivalent. If you can buy it or borrow it, it counts - which just means that all those on-line serials I read don't count ;-)

General Courtesy
  • When you sign up in the linky, put the direct link to your post. That way we can find it.

  • You can list your books in advance or as you read them. You can also change your list.
  • Any genre or length of book counts.
  • Anyone can join, you don’t need to be a blogger, just let me know in the comments.
  • Reviews are good but not necessary. Once again, you don't need to be a blogger, there are lots of places to post reviews. Hopefully, they'll link up so we can read them.
  • You may move up a level but not down.
  • Crossovers for other challenges count 
  • Books started before January 1st, 2017 don’t count - unless you start over ;-) 

bit – 1 book
Byte – 10 books
Megabyte – 25 books
Gigabyte – 50 books
Terabyte – 75 books
Petabyte – 100 books
Empty the Cloud - 101+ books
. . . yeah, this look good.

Want to join us?

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Darlene said...

Thanks for hosting, Gina! I never read e-books, so my goal will be just one!

CMash said...

Thank you for hosting!!

Celia said...

Thank you for hosting! This is gonna be fun!

TravellingCari said...

Can't wait. This will be fun!

Jennifer Spencer said...

Gigabyte here I come!!!

dollycas aka Lori said...

signing up at Terabyte

Valerie said...

I'm joining the challenge and starting with the Gigabyte level. I may move up to Terabyte, but Gigabyte's a good place to start! Thanks for hosting!

Ashleigh said...

Thanks for the reading challenge! I am going to try for the terabyte level. I don't have a blog but I keep most of my book records on Goodreads. Thanks for hosting!

Padmajha said...

Though I have plenty of ebooks, I rarely read them.This challenge will help me finish off a few. I am signing up for Byte.

Teri Conrad said...

Quick question: does this mean all the books I read this year have to be e-books? Or are we just counting e-books?

TravellingCari said...

@TEri I think and hope it means we count only ebooks, but can read others outside the challenge.

kk4booksnlighthouses said...

Thanks for hosting this great challenge. I am definitely game to participate and going to try to accomplish reading 10 (byte) ebooks.

Anonymous said...

I'm shooting for 50. I utilize my local library's digital copies and am hoping to read more this year from that format. Thank you for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for hosting this. I'll probably be down around byte.

Courtney Reads said...

This shouldn't be hard. I read mostly ebooks lately. :) Good luck, everyone!

Malin said...

This looks like a really fun challenge. I'm signing up for a Terabyte - 75 books.

Detetiv said...

Um, I read about 500+ books acrd to GoodReads so I'm doing Empty The Cloud. XD lol I also have about 110 arc's to still read...

Psssst, if you live in the state of NY try signing up for a New York Public Library card. They have tons of ebooks via overdrive.

Shilpa Garg said...

Kindle books are my absolute favorites. I am hoping to read a lot of them this year!! Thanks for hosting this challenge :)

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

I have so many eBooks that go unread! Thanks for hosting!

Alexia561 said...

Thanks for hosting the challenge! I like seeing how many ebooks vs physical books I read each year.

Unknown said...

I go nowhere without my Kindle. I am going to start shooting for 25 books. I have read 3 since January. All three are by Angela Pepper.
1. Death of a Dapper Snowman
2. Death of a Crafty Knitter
3. Death of a Batty Genius
Stormy Day is the main character of the series.
I am also going to read books on my TBR list. This is my chance to jump in and conquer my procrastination.

Unknown said...

All i read are ebooks so this should be fun!

Valerie said...

I jumped up to Petabyte level from Gigabyte since I read 50 ebooks before June was finished. I just finished the challenge this month and am now at 104. Unfortunately, it didn't empty so much since I kept getting new things to read for review! But it's been fun. :) Thanks for hosting! My post with my list is here:


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